ALMATYOctober 9. Qyzdar Ýnıversıteti – Staff and teachers of Kazakh national women’s teacher training University took part in Turnitin training. A meeting was held at the National center for state scientific and technical expertise which was attended by Katerina Levchenko sales Manager of Turnitin, and Jason Gibson an expert from Newcastle University in UK.

Turnitin is an American commercial, Internet-based plagiarism detection service launched by doctoral students of Berkeley University in 1998. The company’s activities are used by 18 thousand universities in the world and about 2 million educational and scientific works are checked every day. Turnitin’s global repository preserves 1 billion student papers. Besides, the system can check the connection of any text regardless of language specifics. According to foreign experts 14 universities in Kazakhstan have gained access to the Turnitin platform to date . The training which was attended by the University staff discussed the issues of academic integrity, the impact of plagiarism and commissioned works on the image of students and teachers of the University, along with violations of academic integrity damage the credibility of scientists and students. Feedback was provided by meeting participants on these issues.

Furthermore features of Turnitin Feedback Studio were also introduced. The system includes types of feedback between teacher and students in the preparation of written assignments. According to Jason Gibson with a virtual classroom teacher will save 38% of the time.

The training was attended by the Director of the Department of research and innovation Svetlana Shakirova, senior lecturer of the faculty of science  Nurgul Amangeldi, lecturer of the faculty of Kazakh Philology and world languages Jurcinai Massekenova, Methodist of the faculty of arts and culture Guldana Anabek and IT specialist Kuanish Sadykhanov.

– Following the adopted new regulations of  Kazakh national women’s teacher training University all bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses must be checked for plagiarism. This is an inherent part of the complex process of maintaining academic integrity in the University, – says the Director of the Department for research and innovation Svetlana Shakirova.



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