ALMATY. October 10. Qyzdar Ýnıversıteti – Tomorrow Kazakh national women’s teacher training University and Nur Otan party are organizing a charity event of social project «We honor our guardians of wisdom».

Recently, the women’s University has paid great attention to the elderly people and their social status. In order to honor senior people and provide them with specific assistance, various projects and events are implemented by the initiative of the University students and the University staff.  The veterans ball at the nursing home is a continuation of this noble cause.

The purpose of this event is to instill in the younger generation love for the noble values of our people, respect for elders, love and mercy.

The table for the guardians of wisdom will be set at the university canteen «Ulpan»,  besides  famous pop stars and creative teams are organizing a concert for them .

– «Senior citizens are our wealth» , – said our people, indeed, we owe them much and we are grateful to them for a quiet and peaceful life. And yet so many older people continue to live in nursing homes. In order to not end your life so sad and miserable, it is necessary to pay great attention to the education of the younger generation, to instill in them morality and humanity.  In such circumstances there would be fewer sons who renounce their parents and more worthy daughters in law. This is the main purpose of this charity event organized by Kazakh national women’s teacher training University. It is also important to preserv the continuity of generations as well as providing moral support  to elderly people in need of attention, – says the head of Department of the press and public relations of Kazakh national women’s teacher training University Zhandar Assan.



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