ALMATY. October 11. Qyzdar ÝnıversıtetiStudents of Kazakh national women’s teacher training University met with the head of the Republican project office «Sanaly urpaq» the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption Kayyrzhan Tokushev.

At the meeting Tokushev K. acquainted with the main activities of the project office, told about the goals and objectives of opening it in universities.

– Education of the younger generation firstly formed at schools and Universities. In particular, parents and teachers play an important role in the beginning of the child’s worldview, outlook on life and public relations. Therefore, we are all responsible for educating young people. For any educational institution quality education should come first. The aim is to carry out preventive measures to combat corruption, the introduction of common approaches and methods, comprehensive work with young people. At the same time, our education system is the best experience in the formation of zero tolerance for corruption and the main goal is to implement the right environment, – said Kayyrzhan Tokushev.

During the meeting 100 students of women’s University were accepted as members of the Republican project office «Sanaly urpaq».

Following the meeting, acting Vice-rector for social development Zhanagul Sultanova summed up the work on combating corruption at the University.

According to her, there are many actions among the students such as “Barrier-free session”, “Pure session”, “Adal Zhol”, also, seminars on a subject “Prevention of corruption” are regularly carried out. Special attention was also paid to the observance of the principles of ethics in the educational and scientific process of University. In this regard, the discipline “Fundamentals of anti-corruption culture” is included in the curriculum. This discipline forms a conscious and humane level of anti-corruption culture among the students.



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