The main activities of the Registrar’s office:

– to organize  consulting work involving  structural subdivisions and advisors for the preparation of individual educational plan;

– organize and implement the system for monitoring educational achievements;

– to maintain  the history of students’ academic achievements;

– to calculate  the average score of students’ academic achievement (GPA) ;

– to admit  the application of students and  control of their movement in electronic document management;

– to prepare  reports on the results of the session (form No. 34);

– to prepare documents to the commission of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for transfer to vacant educational grants released during the training process;

– to control over the determination of the difference in the disciplines of working curricula when student transfers, restores and returns from academic leave;

–to make rating, examination sheets of rating, examination sheets and statements for all types of practices in the UNIVER system and control  the correctness of their filling by  teaching staff;

– to ensure the preservation of the documentation and the delivery to the University archives according to the established deadlines.