The goal is to activate social performances of young people of  the university, to implement civic formation and increase their competitiveness, to create the necessary conditions that influence spiritual and intellectual development of university youth.



  to coordinate the works of  organizations and clubs for youth ;

–  to develop  programs which are conducted with  formation of students` culture  promoting and developing the cultural values ​​of the university;

– to  respect cultural traditions, national culture, state symbols – the Emblem, the Flag, the Hymn;

– to organize meetings, seminars, forums, flash mobs and discussions in order to improve the structure of education;

– to supervise the conduct of events organized at faculties on social issues and educational work;

–  to prepare quarter and annual reports to the Director of  Educational and Social Work Department  and submitting them for approval  to the Vice-rector of Academic and Educational Work. There are several organizations which are working under Branch of social and educational work and youth policy:- Committee of youth affairs;- Club “ Kyz Zhibek”;- Club “Umai Ana”;

– Youth organization ” Jas Otan»;

– Student Alliance;

– Debate club “Parasatty UFO” (Union of Real leaders);

– Construction Teams “Zhasyl El”;

– Youth organization “Dostyk”;

– Club of young poets “Ak kauyrsyn”;

– Students team of police assistants by Almalinsky district of Almaty city “Sert”.


Name of organizations Goals
1 Committee of youth affairs. Selection of activities for  implementing and supporting youth policy, coordination of student`s  self-government organizations.
2 Club “ Kyz Zhibek” To bring up wise girls in patriotic spirit, exalting national traditions, customs and culture  with their civil positions in modern society, who are able to link their family responsibilities with the knowledge gained in high school.
3 Club “Umai Ana” To teach girls for formation of family values and prepare them for future life as mothers of  nation and acquire skills which are necessary in everyday life.
4 Youth wing ” Jas Otan» To make  creative youth environment with formed political views and increase  the number of students supporting policy of the “ Nur Otan” party.
5 “Students  Alliance” It contributes to create  conditions for effective realization of intellectual, creative, spiritual, innovative potentials of students.
6 Debate club “Parasatty UFO” (Union of Real leaders); To develop speech culture and ability to speak eloquently in any environment. Finding ways to solve social problems through discussion among young people.
7 Construction Teams “Zhasyl El”  In order to landscaping the country to awake a sense of patriotism, love for the Motherland and nature in young people.
8 Youth organization “Dostyk”. To  improve  interethnic relations among students, strengthening unity and friendly relations.
9 Club of young poets “Ak kauyrsyn” To develop creative abilities of girls, novice poets.


10 Students team of police assistants “Sert” by Almalinsky district of Almaty city. To carry out information work  explaining laws of  Republic of Kazakhstan and prevention of violations among students.


11 Club «Sanaly urpak»


Forming citizens who are patriots of their country, who are dedicated to living in a clean, honest, responsible, motivated, socially-oriented and patriotic country.
12 League of Volunteers


Forming a culture of community service through the development of volunteerism in the country.


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