About the Department

The Department of « Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language» was founded in 2006. In the 2015-2016 academic year, the departments of «Basic Foreign Language» and «Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language» were united. Since 2016, the head of the department «Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language» is candidate of pedagogical sciences Nurlanbekova E.K.

The department of «Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language» provides training for undergraduate students in the specialties «5B011900 – Foreign Language: two foreign languages», «5B020700 – Translation Studies», masters of pedagogical sciences in the specialty «6M011900 – Foreign Language: two foreign languages». Currently, in aforementioned specialties study 727 undergraduate and 24 graduate students.

At the present time – 32 professors-teachers work at the department, they are: candidates of pedagogical sciences Nurlanbekova E.K., Dabyltaeva R.E., candidates of philological sciences Askarova S.A., Argyngazina Sh.B., PhD Doctor Akimbekova Sh., master degree, senior teachers Amirzhanova R., Tursynbayeva K., Ashimova N., Abildaeva K., Aitpaeva M., Khusain R., Bulekbaeva L., Rakhimzhanova S., Esirkeeva D., Bekmuratova A.E, Mirzabaeva Zh.K.,  Nurtayeva A., Saurukova G., Zhanserkeeva E., Koshkarbaeva B. and master’s degree teachers Zhumakhmet Zh., Telibaeva L., Ibragimova Zh., Nabidullin A., Sansyzbaeva B.

The teachers of the department work in the atmosphere of business cooperation, solving educational and scientific issues creatively. In recent years, there has been a large influx of young teachers from the largest language universities of country. Leading teachers of the department are mentors of new staff, both in pedagogical and in research works. Under the guidance of experienced instructors and lecturers created new teaching and methodical literatures of various contents and directions. They are multimedia  materials, modular courses, dictionaries and other various tutorials.


Mission and strategy

The mission of the department is to prepare a competent and competitive specialist with high professionalism and knowledge in the field of teaching foreign languages.


Teaching Staff

The department of «Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language» work 32 teachers, 4 of them are candidates of science, 1 is PhD doctor, 2 of them are associate professors, 1 is an assistant professor, 23 teachers with master’s degree, 17 are senior teachers, 8 are teachers.


International relation

The Department, in collaboration with Goethe Institute, British Council, the Embassy of France, the Embassy of Iran, the International Educational Centers «EduStream», «Al-Ramin», «InterPress», «Macmillan», language training centers, the Embassies of China, Turkey conducts seminars and courses of professional development. Over the past three years, faculty members have completed internships and advanced training courses at foreign universities, such as: University of New Jersey (USA), Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), Hubei University (PRC), Beijing University of Technology (PRC), Istanbul University, University of Kastomonu, University of Omer Halisdemir (Turkey), University of Laknu (India), Norwich Institute of Linguistics (England), University of Newcastle (England) and University of Startford (USA).

Students of the specialties «5B011900 – Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages», «5B020700 – Translation Studies» have the opportunity to study abroad under the program of academic mobility in universities of USA, Great Britain, Turkey, Poland, France and China. Dual degree educational program is being carried out with several foreign educational institutions, including Mississippi Valley State University (Mississippi, USA). Students who have successfully completed the dual degree program receive two diplomas: the first is diploma from Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University, the second is diploma from Mississippi Valley State University.