History of the department

The department of Kazakh literature was founded in 1946. The first head of the Kazakh language and literature department is the well-known teacher Jolila Zlajadeva, the holder of the title “The best education worker of the Kazakh SSR”.

From 1947 to 1948, the department of Kazakh literature was headed by A.Mametova, T.Kordaev, Z.Akhmetov, K.Minzhasarova, S.Negimov, R.Zaykenova, B.Abylkasimov, G.Pralieva, B.Yubaima, S.Erzhanova served. Currently, the department is headed by N.S. Baltabaeva.

Mission of the Department

Development of an active approach to citizenship, development of competitive specialists, improvement of the educational process, optimization of research activities and the search for ways to attract additional financial and material resources. The work of the department should be based on the social policy of the university, aimed at social protection of people in need of national traditions, customs and traditions of the Kazakh people, as well as those who need social support.


Pedagogical team.

Employees of the Kazakh literature of high quality, it employs 21 people, including 5 doctors of science, 8 candidates of science, 2 doctors of science, 3 senior teachers and 3 teachers. The scientific and pedagogical potential of the department is high.

Teachers of the department of Kazakh literature are awarded the best teachers of the university, personal badges and letters of thanks:

Piraleva Gulya Zhailauovna – Doctor of Philology, professor, literary critic.

Winner of the state grant “The best teacher of the university” in 2009.


Zaykenova Ruda Zaykenovna – Doctor of Philology, Professor

He was awarded the badge “I Altynsarin ”for significant contribution to the upbringing and upbringing of the younger generation. 2011 “The best teacher of the university.” He was awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Education, 2017-2018.

Yerzhanova Saule Baymyrzaevna – doctor of philological sciences, professor. For his significant contribution to the education and upbringing of the younger generation, Altynsarin “, 2012.” The best teacher of the university. “

Baltabaeva Gaukhar Sayadylovna – Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor. Professor, Academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences, literary critic.

2013 “The best teacher of the university”

Zhanuzakova Kuralai Temirbekovna – doctor of philological sciences, professor literary critic.

The best teacher of the university in 2016

Zhumakaeva Bereke Dauletkhanovna – candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor, literary critic.

2017 “The best teacher of the university”

Kozhekeeva Bekzada Shakizadaevna – candidate of philological sciences, associate professor, literary critic.

The best teacher of the university in 2018

International communication.

The department has close contacts with Turkish universities, such as Nowhere, Fiat, Mugla Sitki Kochman, the Netherlands, Amsterdam Research Center “Perspective in Eurasia” and scientists from the University of Mississippi in the United States.


Research work of the department 

The professors of the Kazakh literature department, whose main goal is to prepare highly qualified specialists of the world educational market, highly qualified specialists in the national language, history of the methodology of Kazakh literature, the history of the formation and development of Russian literature, scientific history of literature  analyzing the successes and failures in achieving this goal, understanding the literary and historical significance of the steps in the development of Kazakh literature based on the concept of periodization and differentiation of literary criticism of ancient literature in the scientific circle, research in the field of development of the theoretical history of Kazakh theoretical art, is the author of various monographs .


Specialties prepared by the department

The department of Kazakh literature prepares specialists in the field of bachelor, master and doctoral studies.

5В011700 – Kazakh language and literature (bachelor degree);

6М011700 – Kazakh language and literature (magistracy);

6D011700 – Kazakh language and literature (doctorate).

Graduates of our specialty are currently in demand (in schools, colleges, universities, research centers), in the press

(Television and radio, in the newspaper-magazine), in the public service

(library, museum) and others.


Our address:

Almaty city Gogol, 114

Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical University, room 314, contact phone: +7 (727) 2-79-05-98