History of the faculty

                One of the first faculties, organized by the Kazakh Women’s Pedagogical Institute in 1944, was Faculty of Natural Sciences. Natural faculty is a fundamental faculty, which provides more than half a century our country’s school -educated teachers of chemistry, biology and geography. During this period of history the faculty were headed by following famous teachers: N.Bayandin, T.T.Taubaev, C.D.Duymagambetova, K.S.Sahibzadaev, R.G.Hamitov, G.B.Birmagambetov, M.G.Tartenova, A.U.Umbetalina, B.Yu.Yusupov, Zh.Zh.Kozhantaeva, B.M.Butin. Now the dean of the faculty is K.Kishibaev, a candidate of Chemistry Science. At various times, the faculty had well-known scientists of Kazakhstan National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biology, Professor T.N. Doszhanov, scientists that were famous not only among us but also abroad as National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, L.K.Klyshev, academician M.K.Gilmanov. In the early years due to economic difficulties there was sharply reduced the number of students, then an association with physical and mathematical faculty created, and on August 2 with the Order №100 Department of Natural Sciences was renamed into the ” Natural Science and geography” faculty.

On October 5, 2011 with the 154 order, it was again renamed back to the Faculty of Natural Science. Initially, the faculty included such departments as: chemistry, the basis of safety of life, biology and geography. Due to the fact that the number of students increased from the Department of Biology, Department of Ecology stood out by itself.
From the first days the department had been led by famous scientists.

            Since first day, we can see that the leaders of department had the next following scientists: associate professor N.Bayandin (1945 – 1954), A.G.Popolzin associate professor (1955-1960), associate professor G.Birmagambetov( 1960-1961, 1968 – 1979, 1997 – 1999), associate professor R.Mashanova (1961-1968), associate professor K.A.Ahmetov (1979-1984), K.B.Ahmedova associate professor (1984-1989), associate professor N.N.Karmenova (1990-1997), associate professor R.K. Zheksembiev (1999-2003). In 2003-2008 associate professor Kasenov S.K., D.I.Urkinbaeva (2008 – 2012), Since 2012  K.N.Mamirova.

            Leaders Department of Biology were: T.T.Taubaev, associate professor (1960-1963, botany) , associate professor M.A.Tartenova (1963-1965, botany), associate professor O.K.Kisikov (1965-1974, botany), associate professor R.A.Hamitov (1974-1984, botany), associate professor Zh.Zh.Kozhantaeva (1984-1989, botany), associate professor Zh.S.Sagindykov (1989-1996 , botany), associate professor T.N.Doszhanov (1960-1967,zoology), Doctor of Biological Sciences, F.G.Ismagulova (1968-1980, zoology), associate professor U.S.Kuandykova (1980-1987, zoology), associate professor B.N. Naribaev (1987-1992, zoology), associate professor A.S.Sartaev (1992-1996, biology , ecology) Professor J.C. Beisembaev (1997-1998, biology-ecology), associate professor R.K.Zheksembiev (1998-2017), Since 2017 year  L.E.Anuarova.
Department of Chemistry had been led by such eminent scientists: associate professor A.J. Zhakipova (1964-1974) K.N.Kambarov, associate professor (1974-1984), associate professor A.B.Yusupova (1984-1989) S.S.Kozhabekov associate professor (1989-1995) associate professor P.R.Eszhanova (1995-1999) R.K.Zheksembiev associate professor (1999-2003) professor S.J. Zhailau (2003-2007) , Doctor of chemical science M.M. Mataev (2007 – 2013), since 2013 year N.O.Myrzahmetova

At the Department of Chemistry in different years worked famous educators: Sh.B. Batalov, S.Duymagmbetova, T. Taubaev, F.B.Bizhanov, A. Myrzabaev, K.Z.Beysekov, D.Manatauov, M.Z.Kamalov, M.A Abishev, K.K.Zhetpisbaeva, D.M.Dzhusubalieva, J.J.Bayarstanova, D. H Zhaparov.

* * *

Mission and strategy

The mission of the Faculty of Natural Science is to provide training for qualified, competitively able specialists with higher education, directed decision of the intensive development of public life, science and the economy of the country. Provide students with the opportunity to get an education at the highest level find their place in society and prepare intellectual personalities with a broad worldview.


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Teaching Staff

The faculty employs a highly qualified faculty, including holders of the badge “Honorary Education Officer of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, as well as holders of the state grant “The Best Teacher of the University”. In each branch there are 90 well-known scientists. Of these, 9 experienced doctors of science, 33 – Candidates of Science, Associate Professors – 4, PhD Doctor – 24,  Senior Teachers – 22.

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The international cooperation

            Within the frame work of the two diploma education program, our department cooperates with the following universities –  Mississippi State University (USA) (Virginia polytechnic institute and state university), the Philippines (International Rice Research Institute), the city Manila; Kazan State University named after V.I.Ulyanov – Lenin; Institute of General Genetics. N.I.Vavilova (the oldest genetic institution in the Academy of Sciences); Akdeniz University (Akdeniz) – Turkey, Antalya.

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 Faculty of natural science


In these departments trained by the next following specialties:

Bachelor degree course 

5B011300 – biology

5B060700 – biology

5B060800 – ecology

5B011600 – geography

5B060900 – geography

5B09020 – tourism

5B011200 – chemistry

5B060600 – chemistry


Master degree course

 6M011300 – biology,

6M060900 – geography

6M011200 – chemistry

6M060600 – chemistry

PhD – doctorate:





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