About faculty

In order to improve the preparatory level of higher education specialists, since September 4, 1959, the Department of Biology has been organized as an independent department.

By the Order of the Institute No. 645 in August 29, 1960. The Department of Biology was divided into independent departments “Botany” and “Zoology”. In 1960-1963 the head of the chair worked as Ph.D., associate professor Taubaev TT.

In 1963-1965 in connection with the fact that T.T. Taubaev was transferred to the post of pro-rector for academic work; M.A. Tartenova was appointed as the acting head of the department.

In 1965-1974 years the department was headed by Ph.D., associate professor O.K. Kisykov.

In 1974-1984.   Ph.D., Associate Professor R.A. Khamitova was appointed as the head of the department.

In 1984-1989 Zh.Z.Kozhantaeva became as the head of department.       In 1989-1996 the chair was led by Zh.S. Sagyndykov.

T.N Doszhanov was appointed as the first head of the department of “Zoology”, who was a doctorate in Biological sciences, a professor, an academician of the RK Academy of Sciences in 1960-1967.

In 1968-1980 known scientist of the Republic Ismagulova Farida Abdrakhmanovna worked as the head of the department “Zoology”.

From 1980 to 1987, the head of the department “Zoology” was appointed Ph.D. assistant professor Kuandykova Urzada Sultanovna.

In 1987-1992. the head of the department “Zoology” became Naribaev Bekzhasar Naribaevich.

In 1992-1996 there were departments of “Zoology” and “Ecology”, and in 1996-1997 they united and became the department of “Biology-Ecology”. The chair was led by Dr. Sartayev A., Ph.D.

In 1997-1998, the head of the department “Biology-Ecology” was appointed Ph.D. Professor Beisembayev.

Since 1998, four departments of “Zoology”, “Botany”, “Chemistry” and “Biology” have united in one department and the head of the unified department was appointed Ph.D. duties of the professor, Zheksembiev Rysmakhanbet Konyrovich.

In 2003-2004 the department was divided into independent “Geography” and “Chemistry”.

Since September, 2017 the head of the department is a candidate of biological science, Obl. Associate Professor Lyaylya Yermekhanovna Anuarova.

The  department  consists  of  the  following  experienced  instructors:  5  doctor-professors, 17 associate professors, Ph.D., 1-PhD acting professor, 9 master’s teachers, 14 senior  master’s   teachers. The department teaches are experienced, advanced specialists, step-down specialists:Kuzhantaeva Zh.Zh., Dyuskalieva G.O, Zhaylybay K.N, Musina  A.S, Maui A.A. associate    professors, candidates,   sciences: Zheksembimev R.K., Esmagul K., Sartayev A.S., Sauranbaev B.N., Orazbayev K.I., Baybekova T.K., Medeuova G.Zh., Anuarova.L.E., Kirshibaev E.A.  Parmanbekova M.Kh., Ernazarova G.I, Sartaeva A.A, Aitzhanova M.O, Imanova E.M, Associate Professor Abisheva T.O, PhD doctor Kaliyeva A.N

The department is provided with educational laboratories, specialized lecture rooms with all modern requirements. In 2015, together with the department of “Chemistry” was opened a complex chemical and biological laboratory. Field training practices are conducted on the basis of the Agrobiostation in the territory of the Karasai district, on the basis of a steppe base near by the Kapchagai reservoir.

The department trains teachers in the following specialties:

  • 5B0113300-Bioliology (Bachelor’s degree)
  • 5В060700-Biology (Bachelor’s degree)
  • 5В060800-Ecology (baccalaureate)
  • 6M011300-Biology (magistracy)
  • 6D011300-Doctorate (doctorate)


The upbringing of the competitive personalities is carried out in accordance with the activities at the department, thanks to the well-experienced staff of the department known specialists, scientists, textbooks authors, educational and methodical teaching appliances.