Department of Geography and Tourism – the Basis of Knowledge and Competence 

Department of Geography and Tourism is one of the leading departments of the university, which has a 70-year history of formation and development. During its existence, the department prepared thousands of geography teachers for secondary schools of the republic. Today graduates of the department can be found in all corners of our republic. At the same time, graduates of the department successfully work in neighboring countries – in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, China and Mongolia.

During the existence of the department, its well-known scientists, as candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor N.Bayandin, candidate of geography sciences, professor G.Konkashbaev, candidate of geographic sciences, professor A.G.Popolzin, candidate of geographical sciences, professor A.B. Birmagambetov, geological and mineralogical sciences, associate professor R. Mashanova, candidate of geographical sciences, associate professor K.B. Akhmedova, candidate of geographical sciences N.N. Karmenova and others. At present, the chair is headed by candidate of pedagogical sciences, аcting professor K.N.Mamirovа.     

The department prepares geography teachers in accordance with the educational program 5B011600-Geography. With the educational program 5В060900-Geography (scientific direction), specialists are being graduated for scientific institutions. Preparation of tourists-managers is carried out in accordance with the educational program 5В090200-Tourism. The department also has a magistracy specializing in 6M060900-Geography, preparing masters of natural sciences. Training of specialists in bachelor’s and master’s programs is conducted in kazakh and in russian.

The Department of Geography and Tourism employs highly qualified specialists – professors, associate professors  and senior lecturers. The faculty of the department has contributed to the development of geographic education in Kazakhstan. The well-known scientist-geographer-professor A. Birmagambetov headed the department and the natural-geographical faculty of the university for many years. He is the non-replaceable author of the multi-volume encyclopedia of KazSSR and the National Encyclopedia of Kazakhstan (section “Geography”). The textbook “Physical Geography” by professor A.Birmagambetov and аcting professor K.N.Mamirovа is known not only in our country, but also abroad. Currently, the school textbook “Physical geography” (Grade 6) has undergone 4 publications in Kazakh, Russian, Uighur languages and operates in all schools of the republic.Сandidate of geographical sciences, professor of the University N.N.Karmenova is a co-author of the current textbook “Economic and Social Geography of Kazakhstan”.

The chair prepares geographers for secondary schools and scientific institutions. The pedagogical practice of students is held in secondary schools of Almaty №141, №167, № 95, as well as in the Republican College of Sports. The department has 7 classrooms equipped to meet modern requirements.

Educational field and industrial practices are held on the basis of hospitals, at the Institute of Geography, the Institute of Soil Science and in AlmatyGidroMet.

On the basis of the Memorandums, the Department of Geography and Tourism cooperates with the Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov, with the Russian State Pedagogical University, with the Kazan Federal University and Nyida University.

Within the framework of academic mobility, the department of geography and tourism held lectures by foreign scientists, such as A. I. Danshin – PhD., associate professor of Moscow Lomonosov State University, Mustaf Selmi – PhD University of the Suez Canal.


Сandidate of geographical sciences,  associate professor of Moscow State University named after M.Lomonosov A.I.Danshin gives a lecture on the topic “Problems of economic and social geography”.


PhD of the University of Suez Canal Mustafa Selmi delivers a lecture on the discipline “Professionally-oriented foreign language” and participates in the methodical seminar of the department.

Achievements of students of the department of geography and tourism are associated with the Republican subject Olympiads and Republican competitions of student projects. For example, a student Kairova A. in Aktobe Regional State University at the VIII Republican subject Olympiad in the specialty 5B011600-Geography took first place (head – K.N. Mamirova). Students R. Musakhan and A. Zhapekov at the IX Republican student subject Olympiad in the North Kazakhstan State University. M. Kozybayev took the I-place (head – K.N. Mamirova) in the team classification.


Turkeeva A., Tynyshtybaeva K., Tursyngali T. at the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi at the X Republican subject Olympiad of students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan were awarded the Diploma of III degree (head-K.N. Mamirova).