1956-1957 the Kazakh State Women Pedagogical Institute has started to accept students on a specialty chemistry. 1956-60 in the department of biology and geography under the guidance of PhD Associate Professor T.Taubaeva entered department of chemistry.

With the active participation of Academia of NAS RK S. Battalova and Assistant Professor S.Duymaganbetova April 14,1961 by order № 136 Department of chemistry, was declared a separate department.
Since the established of the chemistry Department heads were;

1.Zhakipova A.S( 1920-1997) 1964-1974 years.

2.Kambarov K.N( 1935-1996) 1974-1984 years.

3.Yusupov A.B 1984-1989 years.

4.Kozhabekov S.S 1985-1995 years.

5.Yeszhanova P.R 1995-1999 years.

6.Zheksembiev P.K 1999-2003 years.

7. Zhailau C 2003 – 2007 years.

8. M.M. Mataev. 2007-2013 years.

9. from September 2013 Myrzahmetova N.O.

At the Department of Chemistry there are 3 Doctors of Sciences, 3 PhD Doctors, 9 Candidates of Sciences, 4 Master’s.

Research work at the department is conducted in the following main areas:

1. Improvement of the methodology of teaching chemistry.

2. Physical and chemical research and synthesis of inorganic compounds with electrical properties.

3. Investigation of the chemical composition of certain plants growing in Kazakhstan and the production of BAS and food supplements on their basis.

The department maintains scientific contacts with the following foreign and domestic organizations of science and education:

– Tomsk State University

– Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

– Carpathian State University named after EA.Boketov

– Institute of Chemical Sciences Bekturov

– Kazakh National Pedagogical University. Abay

– JSC SPC “Phytochemistry”

– Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi.