The mission of faculty – training of highly qualified personnel which will bring professional benefit for development of the human capital of the country.

Vision of Social and humanitarian faculty is strengthening of the positions in the educational program of Kazakhstan as the faculty answering to criterions  in satisfaction of needs of the developing social and innovative national economy and personnel which are focused on the solution of scientific, economic and social and humanitarian task


Dear friends, we are glad to welcome you  at  Social and humanitarian faculty of the Kazakh State Women’s  Teacher Training university!

Our faculty has begun it’s  work from the date of the basis of  university walls, since 1944. He has 70-year history.  At the moment the faculty prepares highly qualified personnel in the sphere of economy, history, the right, social and professional sciences.

Outstanding persons and academicians of the Kazakhstan science every year worked

in our faculty. They are A.H. Margulan, A.Zhubanov, T.Shoiynbaev, veteran of the Great Patriotic War A. H. Bekov, A.Lekerov, A.Zhamankulova, K.Ospanov.

There are functioned 6 departments at the faculty : Department of History, Department of History  Kazakhstan, Department of  Vocational education, Department of Social-humanitarian disciplines, Department of  Economy and business, Department of “Rights and Foundations of  Management”The faculty trains highly qualified specialists in the following specialties:

Bachelor degree

– 5В011400 –History

– 5В020300-History (scientific direction)

– 5В050600-Economics

– 5В050800-Accounting and audit

– 5В011500 – Basis of Law and management

– 5В051000 –Public and local Administration

– 5В050100- Sociology

 – 5В090500- Social work

– 5В012000-Vocational education

– 5В010700 – Fine Arts and Drawing

Faculty gives an opportunity to get an academic  master’s  degree in the following specialties:

– 6М020300- History (scientific direction)

– 6М050100- Sociology

– 6М090500- Social work

– 6М012000- Vocational education

Now the teachers of faculty consist about 100 people, including 8 scientific doctors and professors, 38 scientific candidates and associate professors, 4  PhD of doctors.

In Social and Humanitarian faculty works owners of the state educational grant “The best teacher of   higher education institution”. They are Ashirbekova. Zh.B, Zamanbekov Sh.Z., Kozhakeeva L.T.,  Darmenov R.A., Kyrykbaeva S., Rahmetova N.B.

All specialties of faculty held institutional and specialized accreditation. Besides, according to results carried out by Independent accreditation for  rating agency (IARA) in 2016 in the field of preparation and professional development of experts among Higher education institution  of RK  our faculty has shown very good results.

The university has concluded contracts with such universities as the USA ( of Mississippi         University), Turkey (Ömer Halesdemir University), Uzbekistan (National University of Uzbekistan Named After M. Ulugbek), therefore teachers and students of faculty annually participate  in programs of the academic mobility, double diplomas, and research training of these universities.


 * * *


Head of the department candidate of  historical sciences , associate professor.A. T. Kaipbaeva was awarded the diploma «Құрмет» in honor of the 20th  anniversary of Independence, for the contribution to the spiritual and social development and the development of  education “Independent Kazakhstan” by the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Associate professor S.M Tumenova was awarded the medal ” S.Altynsarin ” by the ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for significant achievements in training and education of the younger generation.

Associate professor E. T. Berlibayev received the award from the minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan E. K. Sagadiyev  for contribution to the development of  educational system, as well as a letter of appreciation by the ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the results of  the textbooks and teaching materials for high expertise and professional responsibility in the work of the subject commissions.

Professor of the department. G. A. Sarmurzina was awarded  DIPLOMA DI MERITO and gold medal of the European scientific and industrial chamber for her contribution to historical science and quality education.

Senior lecturer of  the department T Tlenova was awarded the badge «Білім шыңы»  and letter of thanks by  special commission of «Білім шыңы – Ғылым сыры»editorial board  in accordance with decision No. 07, dated 5th  Dece,ber , 2015.