The chair of “Social and humanitarian disciplines” in the Kazakh State Teacher Training University has its own history of formation and development. It was founded in 1944 as the chair of scientific communism and was one of the first departments. Over the long years of the university’s existence, the chair has changed its name several times.

On June 25, 1962 by the decree of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the Kazakh SSR, the chair of CPSU History was established. Over the years, the chair was headed by prominent scientists: candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor A.I. Iskakov; doctor of philosophical sciences S.D.Tangaev; candidate of philosophical sciences T.M. Musagaliyev; doctor of philosophical sciences, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences A.N.Nysanbayev.

After the acquisition of Independence of Kazakhstan, the chair was transformed and received the name “Social and humanitarian disciplines “.  

The chair operates successfully undergraduate specialties “5B050100 – Sociology”, “5B090500 – Social Work” and scientific and pedagogical magistracy in the specialties “6M050100 – Sociology” and “6M090500 – Social Work”.

The teaching staff of the department conducts a high level of educational, methodological and research work in the field of social and humanitarian disciplines.


Teaching Staff 

Currently, the chair of “Social and humanitarian disciplines” has brought together experts in the field of social and humanitarian knowledge and is one of the leading departments of the University.

The chair includes highly qualified specialists. The faculty of the chair is: 4 doctors of sciences, 6 candidates of sciences and 7 masters. At the chai of “Social and humanitarian disciplines” there are working doctors of sciences: doctor of political sciences B.I. Imanbekova, doctor of philosophical sciences  S.I. Ospanov, doctor of philosophical sciences B.M. AtasH, doctor PhD A.B. Sarsenova Candidates of Science: candidate of sociological sciences K.Zh Zhayshibekova, candidate of sociological sciences N.I. Lyapbaeva, candidate of philosophical sciences K.T. Anasova, candidate of political sciences M.K. Aksakalova, candidate of philosophical sciences M.A. Dzhekebaeva, candidate of political sciences Zh.G. Sarsenbayeva. Masters: R.S. Saurbaeva., S.K. Kosdauletova, K.T. Tuganbaev, S. Zh. Imanbaeva, S.B. Daulbaeva, M.M. Dabyltaeva, A.I. Alinov.


International cooperation 

As a part of academic mobility, the chair works closely with the University of Mississippi Valley State, the University of London and the Niya Omer Halisemir University in Turkey.


Achievements of the chair 

Since 2013, the faculty of the chair annually conducts a scientific seminar dedicated to the Day of the First President.

From the 2015-2016 academic year, the teaching staff of the chair in the framework of the specialty “Social work” together with the city administration of Almaty region conducts advanced training courses on the topic “Technological bases of social work” (72 hours). More than 100 social workers from the Almaty region completed advanced training courses and received certificates.

On February 28, 2018, in conjunction with the Employment Center, in the framework of the President’s Address to the people of Kazakhstan, a training seminar on the topic “Modern Social Problems” was held. With the participation of various ethnic groups of Kazakhstan, a round table “Kazakhstan model of interethnic interaction” was organized and held.

  Students of the specialty “5B050100 – Sociology” and “5B090500 – Social Work” annually take part in the Republican subject Olympiad among students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and take prizes. At the second stage of the Xth Republican student subject Olympiad in 2018, students of the specialty “5B050100 – Sociology” took the 3rd place.

In 2018, they took the 3rd place in the nomination “The Most Creative Idea” at the republican contest “Zhas Tolkyn” at the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The explanation of the main provisions of the “Message of the President to the People of Kazakhstan” is the most important part of the educational work of the department of “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines”. The faculty of the chair publishes actively scientific articles in the media on the program “Rouhani Zhangyru.”


From December 1 to 14 of this year, by the invitation of leadership of our university, professor PhD doctor,  Catty Coldrn arrived at the department  socio-humanitarion disciplines to deliver lectures from Mississippi Valey State University, Mississippi. The lectures of professor from the USA cover themes as modern social work technologies. This lecture allowed our students to become more closely acquainted with soreign experience.


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