In 1992 at the Kazakh state women’s pedagogical University, at the faculty of “natural Sciences” at the Department of “Physics and labor” was opened specialty “Labor and modeling clothes. “In the opening of the specialty contributed Dean S. Mukhtarov, head of Department A.Zh.Jamalov, teachers ShilybaevaT.J., Sh.A.Abdualieva, R.A.Darmenova, N.B.Rakhmetova, K.K.Altynbekov. In 1997, the specialty was renamed into “Work and modeling clothes” and became an independent Department. In 2008, the name of the Department was renamed “Vocational training”, head of the Department became PhD, associate Professor R. A. Darmenova.

The teachers R.А. Darmenova and U.N.Alashabaeva received a state-issued patent and were registered in the state register of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Teachers, masters and students of the Department with creative works participate in various international and national exhibitions, competitions and Olympiads, win prizes – Ι,IΙ,IΙI places. In the centre “Oner” creative courses “Kyl Kalam sheberleri”, “Clothing design”, “Seberdin Qoly Ortaq” students of the specialty “Vocational training” and “Fine arts and drawing” develop an interest in art and creativity.



The Department employs doctors of science, candidates, professors, associate professors and experienced senior teachers, masters, members of the Union designers and artists. Also, the teaching staff of the Department is the authors of programs and textbooks for secondary schools, manuals. The Department has teachers, the winners of the award “Best teacher of the University” Darmenova R. A., N.B.Rakhmetova, S.M.Kyrykbaeva. M.E.Turgynbai, S.M. Kyrykbaeva, G.A.Kaldybaeva, A.Omirzak are members of the Union  artists of the Republic Kazakhstan. The members of the Eurasian Union designers: N. B.Rakhmetova, S.M.Kyrykbaeva, G.A.Abdurakhmanova, К.А.Shagirova, D.M. Tastanbek. Badges awarded: M.E.Turgynbai – “Best employee”, R.A.Darmenova awarded honors them “A.Baitursynov”, S.M.Kyrykbaeva, Zh.A.Askarovа, N. B.Rakhmetova – excellent culture Kazakhstan.



Currently, the department trains bachelors and masters in the following specialties:

– 5В012000 – “Vocational training” (by profile) is assigned qualification depending on the specialization:

1. Specialization – service production, qualification – teacher of vocational training.

2. Specialization – decorative and applied and artistic production, qualification – teacher of vocational training (in industry).


Sphere of professional activity:

– Government bodies;

– Institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership;

– Training centers, retraining and advanced training of workers and specialists of the employment service;

– Научно-исследовательские учреждения;

– 5В010700 – “Visual arts and drawing” academic degree – bachelor of fine arts and drawing.


Sphere of professional activity:

– Government bodies;

– Art workshops, publishing houses, etc.

– 6М012000 – “Vocational training” (by industry). Training in the magistracy is carried out in two directions: specialized and scientific-pedagogical.



Senior lecturer, member of the Union artists of Kazakhstan, Russia and Armenia M.Turgymbay took part in the international planer in Armenia and Hungary and received a letter of thanks. Associate Professor, S.M.Kyrykbaeva passed business industrial practice in the Czech, Slovak republics. Annually within The framework of the international Symposium of  Turkic world research visits Turkey and Azerbaijan.

In 2018, by the 20th anniversary Astana office archives and culture “Unification of museums” Almaty and Kazakh State women’s Pedagogical University, in the Museum of Almaty organized an exhibition “Mangilik Eldin ordasy”, the exhibition for the public were presented creative works of teachers and students of the Department Vocational training.

– In February 2018 in the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg, within the framework of the final spring session, the XIX international competition of young designers “Generation NEXT” project took part and took the 2nd place senior teacher U.N. Alashabaeva

– The teacher of the department A.Omirzak with creative works participated in the international exhibition EXPO-2017 and received Presidential gratitude.

– In March 2017, Master, senior lecturer G.M.Makhanova participated in the IV international competition at the Academy fashion “Symbat” and won the II place.



Almaty city,  Ayteke bi street, the main building, 2nd floor, room 219.

Phone:   8(727) 278-10-37,