The department of the theory and method of musical education of faculty of art and culture of the Kazakh state women’s teacher training university is the releasing department and the organizer of research, educational and methodical work. Since 1963, from the date of opening of the faculty it was called as “History and Theories of Music” department, “The Kazakh music”, “Theories and methods of training in music”.  

The first the composer B.Baykadamov managed department. In the 70-80th years of last century the department was headed by composers O.Baydildayev and D.Botbayev. In the 90th years T.A.Konyratbaymanaged the department, and since 1997 R.R.Dzherdimaliyeva began to direct the joint department. During the period from 2008 to 2011 Sh.B.Kulmanova directed, since 2011 headofdtheepartment of the theory and method of musical education is T.A. Konyratbay.

The main direction of department – a problem of the theory and history of music, a method of training in music. The big mark in the history of department was left by the famous composers – B.Baykadamov, O.Baydildayev, Teng Chu, D.Botbayev who have reserved the known musical compositions. O.Baydildayev’s works “On song wings” (1968), B.Zhusubaliyev’s “Solfeggio”, “A basis of the theory of music” of A.Abdukarimov, “History of world music” and “History of the Kazakh music” of T.A.Konyratbay aren’t less important. In different years at department the famous scientists A.Nugymanova, R.Dzherdimaliyeva, M.Baltabayev, Sh.Kulmanova, B.Bekmukhamedov, T.Ospanova who are authors of scientific researches on problems of the theory and method of music education taught. 

Today at the department 2 doctors of science, professors (Konyratbay T.A., KulmanovaSh.B.), 1 professor (Rayeva B.R.), 1 academic professor (Sultangaliyeva E.S.), 3 acting professor work, c.p.s. (Begaliyeva G.K., Sultanova M.S., Orazaliyeva M.A.), 5 senior teachers (Mukanova A.B., Akhmetzhanova D.S., Isametova K.I., Bayzhanova S.M., Burambayeva M.N.), 1 master Sr. teacher (Darkembayeva A.B.), 1 teacher master (Akhmetzhanova D.M.).

The scientific and pedagogical orientation of department is focused on training on specialties of 5B010600 – Musical education (bachelor) and 6M010600 – Musical education (magistracy). On the scientific potential the department is base for the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of the republic which are engaged in training of music teachers.

At the Kazakh state women’s teacher traininguniversity the republican Educational and methodical association (REMA) functions, the department deals with organizational issues of this association. At the initiative of RUMO the international and republican conferences, advanced training courses of PPS, competitions and the Olympic Games on mastery “The best music teacher” are organized.

Our students take prizesat republican competitions. So, in April, 2018 the student of 2 course Myrzakhanova Diana has taken the 2nd place at the International competition of pianists which took place in the National university of arts in Astana. The student of 4 course Kurakbay Meruert has also taken the 2nd place on the Musical Enlightenment nomination at a republican competition which passed in National conservatory of Kurmangazy in Almaty from April 18 to April 23, 2018.

The department on a constant basis keeps in contact with foreign Higher education institutions: with the Nigde university (Turkey) and the Missisippi university (USA) with which exchange of students according to the program of the academic mobility is carried out.