According to the decision of the Council of the people’s Commissariat of the Kazakh SSR in 1944 one of the first opened faculties of the Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical Institute was the faculty of physics and mathematics. There were  accepted 25 students for training. There were only four teachers in the faculty and two of them were candidates of science.
In 1948, out of 113 first graduates, 17 students were graduates of the faculty of physics and mathematics. These graduates were: Koshkinbeva. A., Amanova U.,  Omarova H., Dusvalieva A., Muklaeva B., Hasenova L., Sultanova K., Kazieva B.,  Suleimenova M., Ydrysova B., Baradosova G., Dinasylova M ., Ermigiyaeva, Esenkulova A., Saduakasova E., Otegalieva A., Yskakova F.

During the formation of the faculty there were two departments – the Department of physics and the Department of mathematics.

 The Students were taught by  professor as  K.P. Persidsky, associate professors B.M. Orazbaev, O.A. Zhautykov, O.T. Matusina, A.D. Ershov, Sh.M. Enikeev, M.Markovich, W. Kokymbaev, M.K. Matbaev, G.Bagautdinov, M.Z. Zhylkybaev and others.

The faculty of Physics and Mathematics were headed by:

– 1947-1957 years – senior teacher M.O. Amirbaev;

– 1957-1964 years – candidate of chemical sciences, lecturer A. N. Zhanalinova;

– 1965-1966 years– senior teacher M. Salamatin;

– 1966-1968 years– candidate of physical-mathematic sciences, lecturer S.K. Kaniev;

– 1968-1971 years– candidate of chemical sciences, lecturer A.N. Zhanalinova;

– 1971-1982 years– candidate of physical-mathematic sciences, lecturer U.Zh. Zhadraev;

– 1982-1985 years– doctor of physical-mathematic sciences, professor D.U. Umbetzhanov;

– 1985-1995 years– candidate of physical-mathematic sciences, associate professor S.M. Mukharov;

– 1995-1996 years– candidate of physical-mathematic sciences, associate professor A. Akhilbekov;

– 2006-2008 years– doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor S.M. Kenesbaev.

Since May 20, 2008 the Dean of the faculty was professor Isaev Sapar. In 2018 the Dean of faculty is PhD Tashev Bekbulat.  The Deputy Dean for Educational Work is Baysaparova Aizhan a lecturer of «Physics»  department. The office register of the faculty is Kydyrbayeva Sandugash  and Methodist of the faculty is Salimbaeva Gulnar.

There are over 30 learning and scientific-research laboratories equipped with the new innovative technologies related to the modern requirements.

Students have the real opportunities for using and applying the equipments and units for mastering their scientific-research and diploma works.


* * *

Mission and strategy

The mission of the faculty is to train the competitive staff  in the field of physics and mathematics education, informatics and information technologies on the base of advanced scientific achievements, up-to-date educational and information technologies.


* * *

Teaching Staff

The faculty has a highly qualified teaching staff, including holders of the badge “Honorary Education Employee of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, as well as holders of the state grant “The Best Teacher of the University”. In each branch there are 90 well-known scientists. There are  8 experienced doctors of science, 34 – candidates of science, associate professors, 7 – PhD, 23 – senior teachers, 18 – teachers.


* * *

The international cooperation

The main goal of the international activity development program of the faculty is to increase international cooperation to ensure competitiveness in the educational market of the university, high professional education of the faculty and increase of the international authority as a scientific center, to provide quality education that related to the requirements for science and education in the modern world.

The faculty strengthens international relations with foreign higher educational institutions, mutually exchanges experience, participates in conferences and seminars, strengthens the work of bilateral agreements, with the aim of integration into the global educational space.

The faculty cooperates with such foreign countries as Poland (Plock, Krakow), Tunis (Hammamet), Armenia (Yerevan), Russia (Moscow, Sochi, Saratov), ​​Ukraine (Kiev), Kyrgyz Republic (Bishkek), Bulgaria (Sunny Beach ), Japan, USA, Portugal, Singapore, England, London, etc. Every year teaching staff of the faculty participate in international conferences and symposiums that are held in Kazakhstan and abroad. The professor, doctor of technical sciences R.B. Baymakhan participated in conferences and read reports   in Japan, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan and Canada. The professor S.A. Isaev participated in international conferences, read reports in France, Japan, the USA, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia and published his scientific works abroad.

The scientists of the department closely cooperate and contribute to the development of world science and education. Many teachers of the department maintain long-standing and productive relations with many universities in foreign countries. At the same time, doctor of pedagogical sciences, acting professor of the department of «Mathematics»  B.R.Kaskataeva, the head of the «Mathematics» department, the сandidate of Pedagogical Sciences, аssociated professor A.U. Dauletkulova, the doctor of technical sciences, professor of «Physics»  department A. Zh. Zhamalov, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer of «Information technologies» department of  M. Zh. Balabekova,  Phd doctors of «Information Technologies»   department of A.A. Doszhanova, Т.S. Kartbaev and the сandidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, acting professor of the department of «Computer science and Applied Mathematics» E.A.Bakirova, Phd doctor of the department of «Information Technologies» A.H.Kozbakova, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of  «Computer science and Applied Mathematics» department K.Z. Khalikova, the сandidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, acting professor N.Kurmanbekyzy closely cooperate with foreign countries and contribute to the development of science and education. Scientific works of teachers of our faculty were published in foreign journals (Portugal, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan).The famous foreign scientists are invited with the purpose of experience exchange to the faculty by academic mobility program. For example, academician of Kyrgyz State Technical University (Bishkek) named after  I.Razzakov doctor of teсhnical sciences professor Abozov Alaibek, professor of Tamagawa University in Tokyo (Japan) Seiji Moriya, university professor of  Krakov (Poland), doctor of pedagogical. sciences Machie Klyaklya, professor of  Technical University of Riga (Latvia) Hyde Peters, professor of Alberta University (Canada) Dave Chang, professor of Technical Institute of thermal physics Basok Boris, Nigde University Professor Murat Alp (Turkey), PhD, professor of the University of Culture Hassan Atik (Turkey), PhD, professor of the University  Kastamonu Necdet Gүltepe (Turkey), etc. were specially invited to give lectures and conduct master classes for students and undergraduates of the faculty.


Our address:

Almaty, Aiteke bi, 99. The main educational building of the Kazakh State Women’s State Pedagogical University, 413 office.

Phone: +7 (727) 233-18-20