About the department

Math department is dedicated  to training the high-qualified specialists in math who will be the leaders in their careers.

Math department has been working since the first day of Kazakh State Women`s  Teacher Training University’s opening, back in 1944.

Today the department has in its ranks 4 science doctor professors; 9 science candidates, assistant professors; 1 PhD doctor, 9 Masters of Science, 4 senior lecturers. Among them, there are the holders of the national educational awards such as “Honored educator of the RoK”, “I.Altynsarin lapel badge” and “The best university professor”.  

For the last 74 years the department has trained hundreds of professionals who teach at the best universities, colleges and schools. Within the walls of our university representatives of other countries – Turkey, China, Mongolia, Tajikistan have received the specialty of mathematics teachers. A ticket to life was given to girls from orphanages who graduated from the Chair of Mathematics. Each year 95 percent of the alumni get employed in their professional field.

Academic programs of the department:


5B010900 – Mathematics (pedagogical);


6M010900 –Mathematics (pedagogical);


The teaching staff of the department aims at preparing high-qualified competitive specialists by using the innovative methods of education and technology. The department also is willing to contribute to the general development of education at state level by preparing textbooks for universities and schools.

Academics of the department are engaged in active scholarship research at republican level. Research at the department is based of theoretical and fundamental approach that uses contemporary advancements in mathematics and analytical methods.

The department established close cooperation with research centers, institutes and universities across the CIS and other countries: Berlin University (professor G.Beger), Istanbul Cultural University (professor Khassan Atik), Tamagava University of Japan (professor Seiji Murio), Radom economics academy of Poland (professor Antonio Pardala), Riga Technology University in Latvia (professor Gaida Petere), RUDN (professor S.A.Rozanova), Omsk State Pedagogical University (V.A. Dalinger), Tashkent State Universty in Uzbekistan. 

Students have an opportunity to continue their education at foreign universities by academic mobility and dual diploma programs.

Our students are actively engaged in academic, social, sport activities and contribute to development of science by attending international and republican scientific conferences, projects. Debate tournaments at city, republican and international level allow the students to develop their skills. Our students support healthy lifestyle and are among the winners of sport tournaments.

In the 2017-2018 academic year Nodira Khassantayeva won the 3rd place in the 10th Republican subject Olympiad in  5B010900-Mathematics under guidance of the senior lecturer of the department Shiyapov Kadyrzhan Maulenzhanuly.