About faculty

Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics is engaged in preparation of highly qualified teachers in the specialty “Computer Science”, as well as Masters of Education and Masters of Natural Sciences in “Computer Sciences” using new technologies of training and scientific achievements.

The department was formed in April 1992 under the name “Computer Science and Engineering”. The first head of the department was professor Baymakhan Rysbek (1992-1998). In connection with the expansion of the Department it  was renamed as “Mathematics and Computer Sciences” in 1996-2000 and  in 2000-2007 “Сomputer sciences”. In 1998-2001 the chief of department was professor Murat Eskaliev, in 2001-2002 Ph.D., associate professor Bakhyt Boribayev, Ph.D., in 2002-2005 professor Serik Kenesbayev. Since 2005, the department is in charge of Ph.D., professor Gulnaz Salgaraeva. According to the order about bringing changes in the structure of  university (№109, 24.08.2007) in 2007, the department was renamed as “Сomputer sciences and Applied Mathematics”.




Rewards and achievements

In accordance with the results of university rating in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 the department of Informatics and applied mathematics occupied first place and has been awarded ranks “The BEST DEPARTMENT”.

In 2014 the department according to the decision of presidium of the Russian academy of natural sciences has been awarded with the diploma “Gold department of Russia”.

Today prize-winners of the republic competition “The Best Teacher of Higher Education Institution” such as R.B. Baymakhan, S.A. Isaev, K.Z. Halikova, G.I. Salgarayeva, A.E. Sagymbayeva, E.A. Bakirova, N. Kurmanbekkyzy work at department.

According to the results of the independent agency of accreditation and rating among higher educational institutions RK the speciality 5B011100-Computer Science of department in 2015 was on the 2nd place, and in 2016, 2017 on the honourable 1st place.

Professor of the department S.A.Isaev is an owner of the medal “For Excellence in Labour” of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professor R.B. Baymakhan is the owner of the breastplate “For contribution to science” the Ministries of Education and Science of RK, professors M.E.Eskaliyev and G.I.Salgarayeva have been awarded with the breastplate “The honorary employee in education” of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK and also S.A.Isaev and G.I.Salgarayeva are owners of the gold breastplate of the  university “Ұлағат”.


Scientific work of department

Research works of professors

Research work of the faculty of department “Informatics and applied mathematics” covers several branches: applied mathematics, modeling of mechanical processes, use of information technologies in education.

The faculty of department actively takes part in republic, international, StartUp scientific projects. Especially it is necessary to mark out the members of department who are prize-winners of the scientific projects promoting the solution of a number of difficult questions in above-mentioned branches of science. For example, by results of a competition of scientific projects of Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK for 2018-2020 the following projects of scientists of department have successfully won a competition:

  1. “Linguistic bases and multimedia technologies of creation of the interactive training programs, with regard to the transition to Latin graphics”. Research supervisor: PhD in Technological Sciences, professor G.I. Salgarayeva.
  2. “The forecast of mechanisms of destructions of soil like a catastrophic landslide of Akkayn, slopes of Koktobe and Shymbulak near Almaty”. Research supervisor: PhD in Technological Sciences, professor R.B. Baymakhan.
  3. “Numerical methods of the solution of tasks of management of the processes described by the differential and integro-differential equations”. Research supervisor: PhD in physics-mathematics Sciences professor E.A. Bakirova.

The faculty of department annually participate in the international conferences and symposiums organized as in Kazakhstan and abroad. For example teachers of department made reports in Japan, in Portugal, in Singapore, in Russia, in Poland, in Kyrgyzstan and in Turkmenistan. Professor of department R. Baymakhan, K.Z. Halykov, G.I. Salgarayev, E.A. Bakirov, N. Katayev, N. Kurmanbekkyza, O. Auyelbekov are experts in branches with the high Hirsha index.

International relations of department

The department actively develops international relations for entry into the world educational space. Now the department cooperates with scientists of the university of Alberta (Canada), the London academy of management and sciences (Great Britain), the University Nigde (Turkey), the Silesian university in Katovitsakh (Poland) and the University of Mississippi (USA). The main areas of cooperation with foreign partner higher education institutions are: professional development of scientific and pedagogical structure of department, exchange of students and teachers of programs of the academic exchange, joint scientific studies and conferences.

Annually with a view to sharing experience according to the program of the academic mobility foreign scientists are invited to department. For example, the following professors have been invited to give lectures and master classes to students and undergraduates in different years:

  • In April, 2012 professor of the Pedagogical university of Krakow the doctor of pedagogical sciences Macheyklyaklya;
  • In October, 2012 professor of the University of Alberta (Canada) doctor Dave Chan;
  • In November, 2014 professor of the University Nigde (Turkey) doctor Murat Alp.

On the basis of the contract with the London academy of management and sciences in 2013-2014 5 students of speciality 5B011100- Computer science were trained by the program of the academic mobility in London, and next academic year 4 of them have got a two-degree education in the higher education institution of the same name.

On the basis of the contract with the Silesian university in Katovitsakh 6 students of speciality 5B011100-Computer science and 1 student of speciality 5B060200-Computer science were trained in Poland.

On the basis of the contract with the University of Mississippi 1 undergraduate of speciality 6M011100-Computer science Sabit Botakoz in 2014-2015 was trained on the academic mobility in the USA, and at the end of 2015-2016 she finished a full course according to the program of two-degree education and she became the owner of diplomas of two higher education institutions.

Undergraduates of specialties 6M011100- Computer science and 6M060200- Computer science have passed a training in such higher education institutions as the London academy of management and sciences in London, at the Silesian university in Katovitsakh (Poland), in Hokkaido University in Japan, at the university of Foreign languages in Busan (Korea), at East Srednezemnomorsky university Famagusta in Cyprus, at the university of Management and sciences to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Research works of students

Every year students of department under the leadership of the faculty of department participate in a student’s scientific conference of the university, in various republican conferences, the Olympic Games and competitions. So, in 2009 students of the specialty 050111-Computer science of ZhenesbayevKymbat and Makhasheva Indira have occupied the honourable ІІІ-place in the republicancompetition on computer science which has passed in the city of Turkestan on February 8-9. And in 2010 students of this specialty have occupied the ІІ-place in the republican competitionorganized in the city of Taldykorgan. In 2014, 2015 and in 2017 they became winners of republican competitions in the specialty 5B011100-Computer science.

Students 3 courses of specialty 5B011100-Computer science A. Onlasynova, A. Turganbek and Zh. Orazova have won on April 16-17, 2010 first place in the republican competition of a name of Abay held among pedagogical specialties, organized by Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay.

In 2017, in the competition of the Republican scientific research works of the students, a 4-year student Halyk Aigerim became the owner of the 1-st place. In 2018, in the competition of research works of students and undergraduates, the 4th year student Kopzhasarova Tattigul took 1st place, and the 1st year master of the course Sarybaeva Clara took the honorary third place.

The student of profession of the information scientist A.S.Kozhebayeva has won GRAN AT at a university 56th student’s scientific and practical conference, and A.S. Makhanova has received GRAN AT at a university 61st student’s scientific and practical conference. In 2011 the student of 1 course of A.Erlankyza has occupied 1 place at a university 64th student’s scientific conference. In 20114-grade students M.M. Tulembayev and A.E. Begasilov’s participated in the international scientific and practical conference “Innovative Illustrations of Science and Education” organized by the Kazakh economic university of T. Ryskulov and have been awarded with diplomas ІІІ degrees.

It is also necessary to note that students participate and win grants participating in various competitions organized by the state or other international organizations. For example, in 2008 4-grade student Makhanova Aygul under the leadership of R.B. Baymakhan has won the international grant of “FSIDA” published by Albert’s university in Canada and has passed a 2-month training in this university.



Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics is engaged in the preparation of bachelors in the specialties 5B011100- Computer Sciences and 5B060200- Computer Sciences, as well as masters in the specialities 6M011100-Computer Sciences and 6M060200- Computer Sciences.


Specialities 5B011100-Computer Science and 5B060200-Computer Science
Full-time Learning
4 one-year education (duration – 4 years)
Distance Learning
3 one-year education (duration – 3 years)
2 one-year education (duration – 2 years)
Graduates of the above specialities can work in public and private secondary educational institutions, research institutes, as well as in the field of IT.


Graduates of the speciality 6M011100-Computer Science will be holders of the academic degree of the Master of Education (2 years) and a Master of Education (1,5 years).

Graduates of the speciality 6M060200-Computer Science will be holders of the academic degree of Master of Science in Computer Science.


Graduates of specialities 6M011100-Computer Science and 6M060200-Computer Science can work in higher and secondary educational institutions, research institutes, and also can be leading specialists in the field of IT.


Contact information

Address of department

050000 Almaty, 99, Aiteke be Street, main сampus. Kazakh state women’s teacher training university. Physical and mathematical faculty.

“Informatics and Applied Mathematics” department.

On the 4th floor 410, 417 offices.

Contact phones:

+7 (727) 233-18-41