Kazakh National Woman Training Pedagogical University
Against Corruption

          Mission: Freedom anti- corruption Kazakhstan living patriot and competitive youth.

         Goals of club: In the system of education from corruption elimination, system of education by make an environment that can reject corruption.

          Kazakh National Woman Training Pedagogical University`s kazmkpu.kz web- page and educational building and student hostel`s internal rule and banners hanged, «Trust» phone, «Trust» box substituted. «Oath» PKSO police assistant students squad organization promotion, Department of social and educational and youth policy, canteen internal rule explanation methods, honor students codex books as distribution work in progress. The action "Fair session", "barrier-free session", organized by the student Ombudsman, is held every semester. Also, the Department of fundamentals of law and Economics organized an open lesson among students on the theme "international experience in combating corruption", a round table on the theme "Legal foundations of the fight against corruption", the club "Conscious generation".

          Anti- corruption obligations

1. Worker Kazakhstan Republic according to laws in the performance of their duties under an employment contract, to prevent the commission of a corruption offense:

A. Illegally materials reward self or intermediate and therefore cannot of obtained by conditioning.
B. When receiving illegal material, there should be no intermediary.
C. Do not participate in other commercial sales, equal to corruption in relation to the zone of the law "on corruption".
2. The worker is obliged to immediately inform the rector or the office of safety:

A. if it leads to corruption offenses.
B. in the case of treatment of students and their representatives to solve problems in the educational process in violation of the rules and regulations of the University.
3. The worker is obliged to take measures to prevent the possibility of any conflict in the interests of violation of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and immediately inform the rector or the security Department about the possibility of any conflict of interest.
4. When notifying an employee of the fact of a corruption offense, the employer is notified by the employee that he is not subject to any punishment.
5. The employee has been warned about the possibility of bringing to disciplinary, administrative, civil or criminal liability for violation of the requirements of corruption provided for by the legislation of the Republic of
6. In case of failure to comply with these anti-corruption obligations, the worker is subject to disciplinary action, even before dismissal in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

I`m,________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (duty, department name)
I confirm training and I undertake to carry out anti-corruption duties of RSE "The Kazakh National Training Pedagogical University".

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Date of «___» ______year.

At the Kazakh state women's pedagogical University
against corruption in the 2018-2019 academic year
Information on the work done for the 1st half of the year

In the Kazakh state women’s pedagogical University on the basis of the letter of The Department of higher and postgraduate education of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for civil service Affairs and anti-corruption was held the event "single hour of corruption prevention".

           The keynote speaker was the candidate of historical Sciences, associate  Professor Kozhabekova Akmaral Dabrtaeva . As part of the lesson were given examples and questions aimed at the overall policy and measures to prevent corruption in the strategy for 2015-2025″ 100 concrete steps". There were shown slides, acquainted with the official articles and the rights of students to privacy. Anti-corruption instructions were distributed and explained to each student. The lecture was attended by students of different faculties of the University. Then the students received comprehensive answers to their questions.

«Fair session» stocks 19-25 December, 2018 year

City competition videos "Honorary teacher»

In the city competition videos “Honorary teacher” organized by the Department of Agency for civil service Affairs and combating corruption in Almaty, took 2nd place. 07.12.2018 year.

In the contest "Honorary teacher “involved 38 higher educational institutions of Almaty. Among them ” Women’s University against corruption!” The video was recognized as the best. Daniyar Taumurat, the head of the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for civil service Affairs and anti-corruption in Almaty, presented the diploma of the second degree in a solemn ceremony to the
Director of the Department Zhanagul Sultanova.

9 December – International anti-corruption day “Event Right Ways” 07.12.2018 year.

«Cleaning session» stocks December, 2018

Stocks “16 days without violence against women”. 23.11.2018 year.

“What should be the future civil servant with the participation of employees of the Department of the Agency for civil service Affairs and anti-corruption in Almaty? meeting ” 12.11.2018 year. The meeting among 1st year students with the participation of the Director of educational and social work on the topic “Not Tarnish your honor”. 21.09.2018 year.

The meeting among 1st year students with the participation of the Director of educational and social work on the topic" Not Tarnish your honor". 21.09.2018 year.

Meeting to discuss topical issues of combating corruption in education with the participation of Director of the Department of public relations of the Agency for civil service Affairs and anti-corruption Arman Berdalin, 25.09.2018 year.

           Student exhibition of drawings «Be Faithful» 25.09.2018 year.

19.09.2018 – «Be Faithful Way» stocks

The buildings of the University placed visual propaganda on legal issues (billboards, banners). University kazmkpu.kz on the website and in educational buildings and hostels of posted rules, banners, box “The Trust”.

Club “Conscious generation", student Ombudsman, the student Alliance ICC "Oath” (student team of police assistants) organized a promotion, the Department of socio-educational and youth policy, division for the coordination of the work ofthe dormitory held events to clarify the internal regulations in the dormitories, dining – room, the publication of the code of honor of the students as a booklet. As
part of the campaign” Fair session “Department of fundamentals of law and Economics held an open lesson on” international experience in the fight against corruption”, a round table on" the Legal basis of the fight against corruption.” There was a marathon on fight against corruption on a subject “Right way”.

Department of Social and

Educational Work and Youth Policy