About Department 

In September 1 2007, the Department of Information Systems Тraining was established on the basis of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University. In September 1, 2016 On September 1, 2016, due to the change in the direction of training associated with the introduction of new standards of training, the name of the Department was renamed the Department of information technology.

From 2007-2012, the first head of the department was the doctor of pedagogical sciences Nurasil Kerimbaev. 2012-2016, the department was headed by the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Zhazira Kozhamkulova. 2016-2018, the chair of department was PhD doctor, academician of the IAI – Doszhanova Aliya. Starting from 2018, this post is headed by candidate of technical sciences, senior teacher Turganbai Kuralay.

 Under the guidance of teachers of the Department was made a number of student research works, the results of which were reported at conferences of young scientists of different levels (there are collections, certificates and diplomas of winners or participants). Among the works are such as electronic educational and methodological complexes with built-in virtual laboratory work, the creation of electronic textbooks with video materials of the lessons of the studied discipline and implementing this technology into the distance learning system (supervisor: Ph.D., senior teacher, professor M.ZH.Balabekova). “Research and development of technologies for biometric authentication systems using biometric technologies” (leader: master, teacher Sh. Tolybaev), “Study of information security issues in Kazakhstan” (leader: PhD A.A. Doszhanova).The teachers of the Department are constantly improving their skills in order to use the knowledge in the development and improvement of the educational process. There is scientific circle “Developers of information systems” under the guidance of Phd, senior lecturer, B. S. Omarov for the students on specialty 5B070300 – “Information systems”. The purpose of the circle: to use the information and communication technologies; to implement the results and acquired knowledge in the educational process; to deep theoretical knowledge in learning  subjects; to improve the quality of practical training aimed at professional orientation; to form information and functional skills of future professionals; to develop new computer technologies for the application of knowledge in practice. The work of the club is aimed at the development of students ‘ interest, improvement of logical thinking skills and scientific knowledge. On the basis of the department, the subject “Information and Communication Technologies” is taught in three languages for 1 course of all specialties of the University.

At present time following scientists and teachers work in the department: senior lecturer, prof. RAS  M.Zh.Balabekova, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, associate professor Zh.Z.Kozhamkulova, candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer G.S.Nabieva, F.U. Malikova, A.K. Kozbakova, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor  S.N. Isabaeva, candidate of Technical Sciences, senior lecturer K.Е.Turganbai, masters, senior lecturers B.A.Pazilova, A.Nusipbekova, M.Chanbaeva, N.Ospanbekova, masters, teachers: B. Sabit, Zh.D.Ainabek, Sh.M. Asylbekova. They participate in social and cultural events at the level of the department, faculty and university. 

Scientific-research work of the department is carried out at the proper level and research direction of it is “Information protection in the education system”. The works of the faculty were represented by Zh.Z.Kozhamkulov, M.Balabekov, S.Nugmanova, A.Doszhanova, M.F. Malikova, G.Nabiyeva, B.A. Pazilova and received certificates at international conferences that were held in the US, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Russia, Japan and in Europe.

 In 2016, the Memorandum was signed with the Lublin Polytechnic University and joint research works are being developed. Along with this, the department cooperates  with doctor of technical sciences, professor Alexander G. Korchenko National Aviation University of Kyiv. In December 2016, on the basis of the department a seminar was held in the direction of “Information Security” for the teaching staff, undergraduates and students of the faculty. Since 2012  students of the department have  opportunity to study at other universities on the program of academic mobility. For example, in the 2012-2013 academic year, students of the 1st semester studied at the London Academy of Management and Science (UK)

For example, in the 2012-2013 academic year, students studied for 1 semester at the London Academy of Management (Great Britain), in 2016-2017 academic year from Kyzylorda State University named after Korkyt ata, a 3rd-year student in specialty 5B070300- “Information Systems” was trained  by her specialty in our university.

The teachers and students of the department actively use the electronic library and the University Information Base. Along with this, teachers and students use 11 computer classes related to the department to obtain quality knowledge. There are all conditions for conducting laboratory and practical work.

The teachers of the department engaged in research work, having a high level of knowledge of three languages, successfully prepare future competitive specialists. 


Mission and strategy 

To contribute to the training of highly qualified specialists of a new generation with a competitive level of knowledge, skills and professional skills in various areas of human activity, ready for successful work in organizations, government institutions of Kazakhstan and beyond.



Teaching Staff

The “Information Systems” department is staffed by a teaching staff of 15 staff units: 1- associate professor, 1-assistant lecturer, 5 – masters, 7 – senior lecturers, 3-lecturer.The schedule of the teaching staff  is 100%. All teachers have a basic education of which 100% conduct classes in the state and English languages.



Scientific research work at the department

The scientific activity of the department is conducted in accordance with the annually approved plans in the form of fundamental and applied research and experimental development. One of these was the topic of the department: “The study of the mathematical model, methodology, software package and research of the information protection system in solving fundamental and applied problems of durability of engineering power facilities, taking into account the influence of various technical situations”. Theme managers was senior lecturer Professor RAE M. Zh.Balabekova, candidate of PhD.-M. N., associate professor Zh.Kozhamkulova, candidate of pedagogic sciences, associate professor S. N. Isabaev, candidate of technical science, senior lecturer K. Turganbai, lecturer B. Sabit.


Our address: Almaty,  st. Aiteke bi, 99, the main building of the Kazakh State Pedagogical University.

Phones: +7 (727) 233 18 47