Looking back to the 74-year history of the university, the faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology can be distinguished by the fact that this education is a blessing. If we dig into history, in 1970 a pre-school department was opened at the Faculty of History and Pedagogy. The first head of this faculty was the candidate of historical sciences, docent BI Iskakova. This year, the Department of Preschool Pedagogy was established at the Faculty and BJ Zharisheva was the Head of the Department. At the same time it is not necessary to talk about the first stage of the faculty.

According to the Resolution of the Council of National Commissars of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic from August 15, 1944 to establish the Institute of the Kazakh State Women the Department of “Pedagogy” was formed as a part of the Faculty of History. The first head of the department is K.Kokymbayev.

In particular, the Department of Physical Education was opened in 1949 as a separate department and its first head was MuzafarRakhimulyRakhimkulov. And the Department of Psychology was founded in 1973 as an independent department. The head of the first chair, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor ES Sufiev 1972-1976. During the period he supervised the staff of the department.  

The faculty was reorganized into the faculty of pre-school education in 1984, headed by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor KAAmagambetova until 2000.

In 1984, the faculty was reorganized into the Department of Preschool Pedagogy and Methods of Preschool Education (the head of pre-school pedagogy was headed by professor Menzhanova A. K, the chair of preschool education was headed by candidate of biological sciences JIIdrisova). In 1994, for the first time in the Faculty, the specialty “Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education” was opened, and in 2000 the two chairs were united and “Pre-school and elementary education”.

In accordance with the requirements of the present day, the faculty was created in 2001 “Natural and elementary education”, in the academic year 2002 – “Primary and musical education”. From 2003 to 2004, for the purpose of improving the training of future teachers and teachers and improving the level of pedagogical and psychological research, “Pre-school education and upbringing”, “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education”, “Psychology”, “Pedagogy and Psychology” Defectology “,” Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge “and” Pedagogy and Psychology “faculty. Since 2005 the faculty has been joined by the Department of Physical Education and Valeology.

Academician T. Tazhibayev, A.Asylbekov, E.Dairabayev, B. Iskakova, A.Zhumakhanov, B.Zharysheva, E.Sufiev, I.Madin, D.Seydualiev, K.Rakymbekov, S.Toraigyrov A. Temirbekov, S.Musin, A.Menzhanova, K. Kunantaeva, K. Aimagambetova, I.Patapov, A.Aldamuratov, S.Akhanova, D.Irgalieva, L.Kerimov, B.Yusupov, S.Zazakbaeva, A. K. Kozhakhmetova, S.Kaliev, K. MendayakhovaI.Islamkulova, H.Sheriyazdanova, Sh.Taubayeva, A.Rysbaeva, Sh.Maygarova, T.Levchenko, T.Mashenbayev, A.Ergaliyeva, D. Beisenov, Zh. Idrisova, S.S. rtbaeva, J.Ïsmaïlova, Ï.Xalïtova, A.Mankeş, S.Täjibaeva, A.Akajanova, S.Zhienbaeva, D.Abdıkadırova, F.Jumabekova etc. as well as the creative potential that exists, and the special people are serving.

Currently, the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology prepares bachelors and masters under the credit system of education, which is highly appreciated and fully recognized in the CIS. She teaches lectures in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages ​​for full-time and part-time students.



* * *

Mission and strategy

The mission of the faculty prepare new type of pedagogy and psychology specialists and be the leader in  scientific-methodical and professional activities.



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Teaching staff

The total number of teaching staff is 136, including 120 staffing professions, 82.2% of the total number of faculty members. At the faculty there are 54 full-time teachers, including 8 Doctors of Science, 44 Candidates, Associate Professors, 2 RHD Doctors and 41 Senior Lecturers. In 2008, a number of faculty members defended their candidate and doctoral dissertations at the D 146109 doctoral council, established by the order of the Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. “Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan” badge and professors who have won the nomination “The Best Teacher of the University” by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As to the name and meaning, they are KAAimagambetova, H.T.Sheriyazdanova, SNZhienbayeva, IA.Abuova, GA Muratbaeva, SSKuryrbaeva, Bapaeva MK , Baynazarova TB and others.


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International communication

It is not a mistake to say that the only faculty that contributes greatly to providing education and professional graduates with the level of international standards.

In the history of 70 years the faculty has been recognized as the leading institution in the preparation of state obligatory standards of education and typical programs, manuals of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 5В010100 “Preschool education and upbringing”.

The development of international relations allowed establishing contacts with the leading universities in the CIS and abroad. Today, Nigde University (Turkey), University of Mississippi (USA), Moscow City Pedagogical University, Saint Petersburg University of Psychology and Social Work, Institute of Childhood of the AIGerzen Russian State Pedagogical University. From the Institute of Childhood at the Russian Academy of Pedagogy named after AI Gertsen, under the Bolashak Program, Elshibaeva, EV Iskhakova has been trained. In recent years, in the near and far abroad, through the national qualification improvement center “Orleu”, M. Bapaeva, L.Ageeva, G.Derbisalova, F. Asylbayeva, B. Kilikbai, M. Myrzatayeva, N. Begalieva, R.Ismailova, R.Alibaeva, J. Beisenbaeva and others.         

Specialists have improved their qualifications. Teachers of the faculty actively pursue methodological, scientific, educational work. Students are provided with the opportunity to introduce new technologies, new types and methods of teaching, use of technology, and participate in republican Olympiads, intellectual games. Scientific projects of teachers and students are periodically published in collections of international, republican scientific-practical conferences. In 2013, a psychological center “Zhany zhary” was opened at the Faculty.

Also there are many students who have been awarded with grants, diplomas and certificates of appreciation from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For example, we are proud of our students, who are sports masters of physical culture and sports at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, who are the world champions in international tournaments (tennis, basketball, volleyball, freestyle wrestling) and Asian Games.

Some of our active students are the Presidential scholarships, Y. Altynsarin and D.Kunaev scholarships, Rector’s grants, regional grants, Bobek, Bota funds, national and world champions. In addition, students have the opportunity to study in academic mobility programs in the leading universities of the Republic and abroad.

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