If we review the history of the University for 74 years, it can be noted that the significant point of the faculty of “Pedagogy and psychology”. In 1974, the Faculty of history and pedagogy was founded, the first head of the faculty was a candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor B. I. Iskakova.

In the same year, the faculty has established the Department of “Preschool pedagogy”, which was headed by B. I. Zharisheva. If we turn to the history of the University, in accordance with the resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Kazakh SSR on August 15, 1944 on the establishment of the Kazakh State Women’s Institute, the “Pedagogics” Department was first established as part of the historical faculty, the head of the Department was Sh. Kokymbayev.

Also, as part of the faculty of history in 1949, the Department of “Physical education” was established, its first head was appointed M. R. Rakhimkulov. The Department of “Psychology” was established as an independent Department in 1973. The first head of the Department was candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor E. S. Sufiev, he headed the Department of “Psychology” in 1972-1976.

From 1984 to 1990 the faculty of “Psychology” was renamed to the faculty of “Preschool education”, during this period the faculty was headed by doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor K. A. Aimagambetova, she headed the faculty until 2000. From 1990 to 2000 – Professor K. A. Aimagambetova headed the faculty of “Preschool upbringing and primary education”, from 2000 to 2001 academic year – the faculty of “Primary and music education”.

In 1984 new departments were created at the faculty: the Department of "Preschool pedagogy" and the Department Of “Methods of preschool education” (the Department of “Preschool pedagogy” was headed by Professor A. K. Menzhanova, and the Department Of “Methods of preschool education” was headed by candidate of biological Sciences Zh. I. Idrisova). In 1994, the faculty first opened the specialty “Pedagogy and methods of primary education”, and in 2000, the faculty merged two departments and was named as the Department of “Preschool and primary education”.

In accordance with modern requirements, in 2001 the faculty was renamed as the faculty of “Science and primary education”, and in 2002 it was reorganized into the faculty of “Primary and music education”.

In the 2003-2004 academic year, in order to improve the training of future educators, teachers and improve psychological and pedagogical scientific work, the specialties “Preschool education and upbringing”, “Pedagogy and methods of primary education”, “Psychology”, “Pedagogy and psychology”, “Defectology”, “Social pedagogy and self-cognition” were combined. In this regard, the faculty of “Pedagogy and psychology” was formed. In 2005 the Department of “Physical culture and valeology” became a part of the faculty.

In different years the Department worked the following outstanding scientists, teachers, academics, as: T. Tazhibayev, A. Asylbekov, E. Dayrabayev, B. Iskakova, A. Zhumakhanov, B. Zharisheva, E. Sufiev, I. Madin, D. Saidualiev, K. Rakhimbekov, A., Temirbekov, S. Musin, A. Menzanova, K. Kuantaeva, K. Aymagambetova, I. Patapov, A. Aldamuratov, S. Akhanov, D. Irgalieva, L. Kerimov, B. Yusupov, S. Uzakbaeva, A. Kussainov, K. Kozhakhmetov, S. Kaliev, K. Mendayahova, I. Islamkulova, H. Sheryazdanova, Sh. Taubayeva, A. Rysbaeva, Sh Maigaranova, T. Levchenko, T. Mashenbaev, A. Ergalieva, D. Beisenov, Zh. Idrisova, S. Sartbaeva, Z. Ismailova, I.
Khalitova, A. Mankesh, S. Tazhibayeva, A. Akazhanova, S. Zhienbaeva, D. Abdykadyrova, F. Zhumabekova, etc.

Currently, the faculty of “Pedagogy and psychology” is highly valued in the CIS countries and is engaged in the preparation of bachelors and undergraduates on the credit system of education. The faculty provides training in 7 specialties in full-time and part-time in Kazakh, Russian and English.

In different years the faculty was headed by: B. I. Iskakov, K. A. Aymagambetova, A. S. Amirova, L. K. Kerimov, A. B. Nurlanbekova, Sh. T. Taubayeva, S. T. Imanbaeva, S. S. Konyrbaeva, and currently the head of the faculty: doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor S. N. Zhienbaeva.


* * *

Mission and strategy

The mission of the faculty is to train specialists of a new format in the field of pedagogy and psychology, to be a leader in scientific and methodological, professional activities.



* * *

Professors and teachers

The faculty of Pedagogy and psychology includes 5 graduate departments: “Preschool and primary education”, “Theoretical and practical psychology”, “Physical education and valeology”, “General pedagogy”, “Special and social pedagogy”.

The faculty employs well-known scientists in the Republic, doctors, professors, candidates of Sciences, associate professors and experienced teachers in the field of pedagogical science. The teaching staff of the faculty is the developers of state educational standards, model programs in the specialties “Preschool education and upbringing”, “Pedagogy and psychology”, “Social pedagogy and self-cognition”, “Pedagogical dimension”.

The departments of the faculty are taught in Kazakh, Russian and English languages, full-time and part-time forms of education.

Accelerate learning by part-time: students with mid-level specialized secondary education and high education are accepted. Students with mid-level specialized secondary education are accepted under results of integrated testing.

The total number of teaching staff is 136, including the number of full-time teaching staff — 120, which is 82.2 % of the total number of teaching staff. The faculty has 54 full-time teachers with a scientific degree, including 8 doctors of science, 44 candidates of science, associate professors, 2 doctors of Ph. D. and 41 senior teachers. In 2008, professors-teachers of the faculty defended candidate and doctoral dissertations at the doctoral Council of the University D. 146109, which was organized by the order of the Committee of control of the education and science industry under the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The total number of teaching staff is 136, including 120 staffing professions, 82.2% of the total number of faculty members. At the faculty, there are 54 full-time teachers, including 8 Doctors of Science, 44 Candidates, Associate Professors, 2 RHD Doctors, and 41 Senior Lecturers. In 2008, a number of faculty members defended their candidate and doctoral dissertations at the D 146109 doctoral council, established by the order of the Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. “Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan” badge and professors who have won the nomination “The Best Teacher of the University” by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the faculty lectures are the winners of the state grant “the Best teacher of higher education institution” and holders of the medal “Honoured worker of Kazakhstan”, Professor K. A. Aymagambetova, H. T. Sheryazdanova, S. N. Zhienbaeva, I. A. Abeuova, A. G. Muratbaev, S. S. Konyrbaeva, M. K. Bapaeva, T. B. Baynazarova, etc. as well as associate professors I. A. Abeuova, G. A. Abaeva.


* * *

International relations

For 70 years of history of the University in the specialty of the faculty “5B010100- Preschool education and upbringing”, the University has been recognized as a leading institution of higher education in the preparation and development of the state educational standard of higher education and standard programs, textbooks. The development of international communication makes it possible to establish relations with leading Universities in the near and far abroad.

Joint work is being carried out to develop international relations with leading Universities of the near and far abroad, such as the University of Niide (Turkey), the University of Mississippi (America), Moscow city pedagogical University, St. Petersburg University of psychology and social work, the A. I. Herzen Institute of childhood of The Russian pedagogical University.

According to the program “Bolashak ” teachers E. V. Iskakova, K. G. Elshibaeva were trained at the A.I. Herzen Institute of childhood of the Russian pedagogical University. Lately in the direction of the national training center “Orleu” were trained teachers of the faculty: M. Bapaeva, L. Ageeva, G. Derbisalova, F. Asylbaev, B. Kylyshbay, M. Myrzatayeva, N. Begaliyeva, R. Ismailova, R. Alibayeva, J. Beisenbaeva etc.

With the University of Mississippi, an agreement was signed on two-degree education in the specialty 6M010100 – “Preschool education and upbringing”, 6M010300- “Pedagogy and psychology'”.