About faculty

The Academic Department of Physical Training  was  founded in 1949 as an independent item. The first head of the department of physical education was Rakhimgulov Muzafar Rakhimgulovich . 

The department staff was consists of highly-qualified teachers, masters of sports:  Izyashcheva G. T.   Gorodetskaya G.T, Voinova N. I.   –  art and gymnastics;  Suslova M.P. – fencing;  Yelesina L.I.,   Dzhanguzhin B. D. – basketball;  Simanyuk M. – handball;  Bakryashov V.A.  – track and field athletics and others.  All of them brought an invaluable contribution in formation and development of physical education at the institute and the republic as a whole due to their successful performances of their students in competitions of different ranks and preparation of prize-winners and champions of  KazSSR in different years.

Apatayeva O. is a student of the library faculty in 1966-1970, the first Kazakh woman entitled  master of sports of the USSR and who is included into the Kazakh Soviet encyclopedia (1972).

Students Rymbayeva M. – equestrian sport, Zheksembayeva B. – cycle race, Dzhumaliyeva S. – bullet firing, Ablokhatova R. – a smooth gallop are numerous champions of the USSR and KazSSR.

In 1957 to improve the educational and training process Rakhimgulov M.R. opens a summer sports center for member students of national teams ashore the Issyk –Kul lake on the basis of Kyrgyz Zhenpi, which functioned till 1974. In 1958 the tourism office opens at the department, and students of institute began to make continuous pedestrian transitions to basic camp to the Issyk-Kul after a course of special training.


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Teaching Staff

There are 24 teachers at the Academic Department of Physical Education and Valeology, among them 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 2 masters, 20  senior lecturers, 3 lecturers.

Completeness of the department staff according to the staff list makes – 100%.  All teachers have basic education and 85% of them can teach in a state language.

The staff of  the Academic Department of Physical Educationand Valeology includes:

  • The deserved trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 2;
  • The master of sports of the International class – 1;
  • Masters of sports –11;
  • Candidates for the master of sports – 9.
  • Honorable educators of RK-3.
  • The owner of a medal of Y.Altynsarin – 1.


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Scientific research work on the department

       Research work on this specialty is conducted by the department staff  according to the approved subjects   and is reflected in individual plans. The scientific subject of the chair is: “Presidential tests of physical readiness as a basis of health improvement of students of Kazakhstan”. Supervisors are Professor Abdykadyrova D. R., Professor Beysenov  D. Z. and Associate Professor Merkel O. I.

Our address: st. Aiteke bi, 99, the main building of the Kazakh State Pedagogical University.

Phones: +7 (727) 2 794900