Information about department 

In the 70’s there was a shortage of highly educated personnel in the schools of Kazakhstan, in the initial link of secondary schools teachers worked with the secondary or special education. In honor of the opening of the specialty “Pedagogy and Psychology (pre-school)” in 1971 the Department preschool pedagogywas formedat the Faculty of Philology. 

Scientists of the department, who conduct researches in the various branches of preschool education in the Republic of Kazakhstan scale: A.K.Menzhanova, B.B.Baymuratova, Zh.A.Ismailova, M.T.Turskeldina, K.M.Mendayahova, M.S.Satіmbekova ,A.S.Amіrova, S.N.Zhienbaeva, N.Saylauova, K.Meterbaeva, G.Z.Taubaevaand so on.

In Kazakhstan, nine institutions of higher education train specialists by the standardof education pointed above. The team of authors ofthe department together with K.A.Aymagambetova, S.N.Zhienbaeva, B.T.Baynazarova and etc. developed textbooks and educational and methodological complexes in connection with the transition to 12 years of secondary education.

Beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year, head of the department with 40 years of history has become Ed.D. T.B.Baynazarova.

Specialty 5B010100- Preschool education and training takes 1stplace on the results of the first national ranking and in the results conducted research by Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education. These results are indicative of long-term fruitful work in the preparation of highly educated teachers.


Mission Mentoring Strategy

The mission of the department is the preparation of competitive specialists in preschool education and primary school, providing the educational process with innovative technologies, in accordance with the objectives of the university development and with the best world experience in the field of education. 


Teaching Staff

The department has a highly qualified faculty, including holders of the badge “Honorary Officer of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, as well as holders of the state grant “The Best Teacher of the University.”

Today in the Department of “Pre-school and primary education” work 24 teachers: 3 – Doctors of pedagogical sciences, professor; 1 KazGosZhenPU professors; 5 candidates with the academic title of associate professors; 7 Ed.D, Senior lecturers, 5 – Masterof pedagogical sciencesteachers; 1 – Master of pedagogical sciences, Senior Tutor; 2 – teachers.

Number of faculty members of the department with advanced degrees 78%.


 The international cooperation

Teachers, undergraduates and students participate in international conferences, publish scientific articles in international publications, and organize international conferences within the walls of the university.            The department strives to expand international cooperation with foreign scientific centers, which allows students and undergraduates to improve their professional knowledge, take part in international conferences, seminars and internships.            In the framework of concluded agreements on cooperation in the field of education and science, guest lectures of foreign universities are organized for students, undergraduates and teachers.            International cooperation of the department is carried out within the framework of the following treaties and agreements:

1. Bishkek Humanitarian University named after K. Karasayev (Kyrgyzstan)

2. Kirghiz State University named after I.Arabaev (Kyrgyzstan)

3. University of Nigde (Turkey)

4. Mississippi State University (USA, Mississippi)

5. International Academy of Pedagogical Education Sciences (Russia, Moscow)

6. Russian State Pedagogical University named after Herzen (Russia)

7. Kiev University named after Boris Grinchenko (Kiev, Ukraine)           

The implementation of the Master’s degree programs is carried out in close cooperation with the leading foreign educational and scientific organizations. For undergraduates, invited foreign professors annually lecture, thanks to the extensive international contacts of the university, undergraduates have the opportunity to travel for study and internships to foreign universities and research centers.


The department trains specialists in the following areas:

• 5В010100 – Preschool education and upbringing;

• 5В010200 – Pedagogy and methodology of primary education – bachelor of education;

• 6М010100 – Preschool education and upbringing – preparation of masters.           

Graduates of the specialty “Preschool education and upbringing” carry out their pedagogical activity as educators-teachers in pre-school organizations of various types, family kindergartens, pre-school preparation classes, development centers.           

Graduates of the specialty “Pedagogy and methods of elementary education” work in general and small schools, gymnasiums, lyceums.           

Graduates of the master’s degree “6М010100-Preschool education and training” are engaged in scientific activities in the field of preschool education, teaching activities in higher and secondary educational institutions. 


Our address:  Almaty, Gogol 161,Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical UniversityMain educational buildingThe Republic of Kazakhstan3rd floor, 307 cab.

Phone: +7 (727) 393-09-83, +7 (727) 393-07-15