Department of Press and Public Relations

General information

The press and public relations department includes the following structures:

– Рress service;

– «Qyzdar Ýniversiteti» newspaper;

– «Kyz gumyr» journal;

Оfficial internet resource;

– «Qyzdar Ýniversiteti»Internet portal;

– Photo and video studio.


The main tasks of the Press and Public Relations Department

1. Information support of the activity of the Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University:

–to participate in publishing information about preparation and holding events at  Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University in the national and local media;

–to organize  press conferences, briefings, interviews and meetings with representatives of domestic and foreign media;

– Speechwriting;

– to develop and implement  PR campaigns aimed at creating a positive image of the university;

– to provide a meaningful and accurate response to the official questions of the media representatives;

-to organize university authorities’ interviews in the media and publish authors’ articles;

– to provide with professional and high-quality photo and video shooting.

2. Information and image support of the Rector’s activities and events:

– to draft  official statements, interviews, articles, information materials and texts stylistically and literary;

–to prepare draft speeches, interviews, articles, information materials and texts on the activities University Rector, including explanation of position;

– regularly, to form  a positive image of the university and Rector in mass media.

3. Communicative support of Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University activities:

–to develop, edit and publish of cognitive information, news, announcements, publication, audio, photo and video content on the official website of the University, SMM;

– to provide with press releases about events  at the university in the media;

– to coordinate and timely publish the newspaper and magazine;

– to develop, edit and publish news, information materials, publications, audio, photo and video materials on the official pages of the University social networks;

– to organize work and composition for public commissions of the university creative competitions

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