Editorial and publishing Department
General information

——–The editorial and publishing Department is a structural subdivision of the Media Department. The Department consists of the following structures:
– Editorial and publishing activities;
– Production activity.

——–The main tasks of the editorial and publishing Department.
——–The aim of the publishing house is to ensure the editorial and publishing activities of KazNWTTU, increase its efficiency, expand the distribution of printed textbooks and other projects. In addition, the rector’s office is obliged to distribute publications that ensure the educational process of the educational institution, and other printing products.
——–Publication planning, scientific-methodical textbooks, teaching, handbooks, brochures and training materials for in-service teacher training and textbooks on a contractual basis;
– Development and implementation of innovative projects of the publishing house;
– Editorial and publishing processing, production and release of printed products according to the annual printing plan, as well as publication on the basis of contracts;
– Distribution of the publication;
– Introduction of new technology equipment into the Editorial and publishing process;
– Development and implementation of innovative print projects.