Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training l Institute and the female school teacher named after M. Mametova were organized in April 1944 at a meeting of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the Party in accordance with the Decision of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Kazakh SSR №457 «On the preparation of qualified teaching staff from among Kazakh women’s youth.”

A plan was admission to the Institute of 90 people (30 people at each faculty). Council of commissioners of Kazakh SSR also requests that the Department of Education and awareness about the organization of a 2-year teacher training courses at the institute for 60 students and their full contents (food, clothing, education and other. costs) by the state. Also, for placing the institute was allocated a house №119 on Gogol Street, a dormitory – the house №86 on Forest Street. Trest Alma – Ata Stroy charged with ensuring education institution all necessary facilities, the State Planning Commission – to provide bedding for 300 people.

Organizations Institute warmly welcomed the glorious sons of the Fatherland Kanysh Satpayev, Mukhtar Auezov, Sabit Mukanov, Gabit Musrepov, Ilyas Omarov and others.

On three faculties and nine departments of the institute in the first half of the academic year worked 20 teachers, including 5 PhDs, 8 senior teachers, 7 pre- teachers. Director of the Institute was appointed Kurmangali Ospanov.

On September 11, 1945 the rector of the Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training Institute appointed Tursyn Myrzabekovna Myrzabekova, left a deep mark in the history of the institute.

At this time, the basic theoretical courses read M.Auezov, A. Margulan, G.Kurmangaliev, T.Tazhibaev, K.P.Persidsky, A.Zhubanov, Sh.Battalova, O.A.Zhautikov, N.Sauranbaev, AS .Tursynbaev, V.A.Esengalieva, H.H.Mahmutov, S.T.Tolybekov, H.Zhumanov, K.Karmysov, K.Aymanov, M.Balakaev, E.Kosyuhin, O.Baydildaev, K.Barmankulov AND .Mamanov, A.A.Fidulova, D.T.Tursynov, Z.Ahmetov and others. outstanding scientists.

With each new academic year the faculty of the Institute was replenished by highly qualified teachers with advanced degrees, strengthened material-technical base of the university expanded its educational and methodological capabilities.

Considering the huge demand and the need for competent teachers, musicians, librarians with higher education in 1961 at the Faculty of Philology opened the library department, and music.

The founder, organizer of a music faculty was known Kazakh composer, the honored worker of arts Bakhytzhan Baikadamov. Realizing all importance and complexity of the tasks in the preparation of teachers of music, mobilizing all the pedagogical potential as a whole, B.Baykadamov in 1968 has achieved self-musical-pedagogical faculty. A significant contribution to its development have made outstanding figures of musical culture – the Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR, pianist V.S. Pirogova, theorists, musicologists B.M.Zhusubaliev, A.A.Abdikarimov, members of the Union of Composers O. Baydildaev, D.B.Botpaev, I.K.Kereev, A.F.Slabospitskaya, A.Bapi, ZA Popovа.

In 1968, the music department was created legendary vocal-instrumental ensemble “Aigul”. Quickly gained recognition from the audience, “Aigul” toured with concerts all of Kazakhstan, the Soviet Union and dozens of countries around the world. Ensemble “Aygul” is a laureate of Lenin Komsomol (1977-1979), winner of the All-Union and republican competitions. The first member “Aigul” are G.Karamoldaeva, A.Isagulova, D.Ergalieva, M.Zhunisova, S.Uzakbaeva, A.Arykova, K.Omarova, R.Alisova, M.Yskakova, Z.Alibekova at the peak of its popularity goodbye with the ensemble for many years. Have said goodbye, in order to meet again in autumn of 2007, on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the native Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training Institute.

The University is rightly proud of their graduate who over the years has been more than 48 thousand.

Among the graduates of the institute many of those adequately represented and represent our country in politics and economics, art and sport. The names of many of them are well-known – is Heroes of Socialist Labor R.B.Nurtazina, R.Mahatova, Commander of the Order “Dank belgіsі” medal “Kazhyrly enbegi ushin” A.Ybraeva third Rector of the Institute, member of the Supreme Council Zh.Kulenova, MP Parliament, former Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, the rector of the Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training Institute, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sh.K.Berkimbaeva, a public figure, Minister of Social Welfare, the Majilis deputy of three convocations Z. Kadyrova, chairman of the association “Memlekettik tіlge Kurmet”, Ph.D. A.Osmanova, prominent scientists U.Subhanberdina, S.Uzakpaeva, Z.Zhakisheva, poet A.Baktegereeva, A.Berkenova, singer M.Eralieva, U.Aynakulova, D.Hamzina, G .Omirbaeva, U.Belgozieva and others.

In due time M.O.Auezov prophetically predicted: “If it pleases the Creator, this institution will be to present and future Kazakh girls’ temple of knowledge. Let him never turn off the lights! “. The prophecy came true.

Since 1954 there have been several attempts by officials to close the Institute, considering that it has fulfilled its purpose. Thanks to the policy of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev University enjoys a strong social support from the state. September 11, 2008 Institute granted the status of University. It should be noted that the main credit for the transformation of the Institute at the State University also belongs to the Head of State.

Student housing Women’s University, where study more than ten thousand students, undergraduates and doctoral students – a great force, an advanced, talented young people and the future elite of the country.

Today, the university employs more than 700 highly qualified teachers, including 55 doctors and 234 candidates of sciences; the degree of PPS is 56%. 22 teachers were awarded the state grant “The best teacher of the year”. In the development of the Institute important milestones was the opening of postgraduate (15 majors), Masters (19 specialties), PhD (8 majors). Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University became one of the centers of national and international scientific-theoretical, scientific and practical conferences, seminars, forums, Olympiads.

Scientific researchers conducted at the University of 33 Departments, scientific research institute of social and gender studies, fundamental research and development center and three scientific research laboratories.

Within the program “Cultural Heritage”, initiated by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, the scientists of the University participated in the drafting of “Anthology of world pedagogical thought”, which includes the works of thinkers of the ancient world. Also, they have been prepared, “History of Education” for the students of higher educational establishments.

According to the State Program of Education Development for 2005-2010 in the 2004-2005 academic years, the institute has been adopted to make the transition in the world credit system of education, the main advantage of which is a higher level of automation of the learning process. At the same time we made the first steps towards the implementation of the fundamental requirements of international training and creation of a new research and innovation infrastructure – a transition to a two-stage system of training “Bachelor – graduate student.”

In order to enhance the quality of teaching since 2004 at the university formally introduced a system of “Quality Management”, within which the planning, management, evaluation and quality education in accordance with the requirements of international, national standards. The main purpose of the introduction of quality management is guided by cutting-edge technology in the field of teacher education, continuous improvement of educational services, improving the quality of students’ knowledge and the establishment of a close relationship with prestigious domestic and foreign educational bodies. At the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year Certification Center LLP «InterCert» As a result of the planned audit of excellence, confirmed that the quality of education in undergraduate and graduate basic requirements standard ISO 9001-2001 Kazakhstan. This is evidenced by certificate of conformity of the certification body named №04185 (registration number №01915) of 4 December 2008.

Every year, 2nd year students pass intermediate state control conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science. If the 2007-2008 academic years, the inspection results accounted for 74%, in 2008-2009, it was 92%, which indicates an increase in the quality of knowledge.

According to the rating carried out by the National Accreditation Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the university since 2006, holds the second place among the educational institutions.

The University is one of the leading designers and organizers of the republican experiment of spiritual and moral education “Self-knowledge”. The author of this project is the first lady, President of the International Fund “Bobek” SA Nazarbayeva. The learning process also introduced an innovative program “Kazakh lady.”

Serious attention is paid to the university organization of cultural leisure of youth, enrich its content. Rich and diverse is a cultural life of the university.

Today, the University of vocal-instrumental ensemble “Aigul” Opera Studio “Oner zhastan”, laureate of international contests of folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Ular”, vocal-dance group “Tomiris” and “Erkenaz.” Great contribution is to the promotion of the University and the development of physical culture. At the last Universiade, our students have won 36 medals, with the result that came in the top ten among 58 universities.

For centuries, life presents teaching corps highest demands. And the Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University with honor carries a noble mission, is always in the center of the social life of the country, being the bearer of knowledge, culture and humanitarian values.

Since the founding of the Institute was permeated the atmosphere high spirit and profound teachings, thirst for knowledge and the courage of thought, democracy and great respect for the individual. And today, despite the tough competition in the field of higher education, a tendency to focus on training in the West, Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University for the right to remain in the galaxy of the best universities in the country, the largest centers of science and culture, the cradle of innovative ideas and good initiatives.

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