History of the Department of General pedagogy 

——–According to the Resolution of the People’s Commissariat of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR on the establishment of the Women’s pedagogical Institute, on August 15, 1944. it was decided to create a Department of “Pedagogy” on the basis of the faculty of history. Sh.Kokymbayev was assigned as a chairman of the department.

——–In 1950-70 the Republic well-known teachers such as: K. B. Berzhanov, A. R. Zhumakhanov, A. B. Mukanova worked.

——–In 1980-1990 the Department was headed by professors I. B. Madin, D. S. Seidualiev and K. K. Kunantaeva.

——–In 1995-2005 the heads of the Department were: candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate Professor B. Yu. Yusupov, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor L. K. Kerimov, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate Professor Zh. A. Askarova. Since 2005 the Department was headed by doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor A. K. Kusainov. At the Department in different periods worked highly skilled scientists-teachers and Professors: B. Yu. Yusupov, S. T. Imanbaeva, Sh. T. Taubaeva, K. Zh. Kozhakhmetova, R. R. Masyrova, A. E. Mankesh etc., among the scientists-teachers of the Department there are members of Scientific Pedagogical Academy of Georgia, Russia doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, academician K. Kunantaeva, Doctor of pedagogical sciences., Professor A. K. Rysbaeva.

Since 2012, the Department is headed by doctor of pedagogical Sciences, acting Professor G. A. Muratbayeva.

The Department of General pedagogy is one of the leading departments of the University. distinguished by high scientific potential.

Today, the Department consists of the academicians of International Academy of pedagogical education, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor G. T. Aldabergenova, doctor of pedagogical sciences, acting Professor A. G. Muratbaev, and corresponding members T.B. Mashenbayev, M. K. Bulakbaeva, S. S. Konyrbaeva, K. T. Medeubaev, L. T. Seidahmetova.

The Department prepares master’s on specialties 6M010300 – “Pedagogy and psychology”, 6M012400 – “Pedagogical measurements”.

Due to the professional training of undergraduates and doctoral students on specialty 6M012400; 6D012400 – “Pedagogical easurements” the Department bears great responsibility for the activities of the Republican educational and methodical Council. Annually at meetings of Council decisions of scientific-theoretical and methodological problems of a specialty “Pedagogical measurements” are considered. The teaching staff of the Department for the last three years published more than 8 textbooks and manuals reflecting the specifics of this specialty.

* * *

Mission and strategy

The mission of the Department is to prepare a competent and competitive teacher with high professionalism, knowledge of the achievements of the science of pedagogy in the conditions of modernization of education.


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The teaching staff

The teaching staff of the Department has a high scientific potential, for services to education and science awarded medals “Y. Altynsarin”, “Honorary worker of education and science of the Kyrgyz Republic” and grants “Best teacher of the University-2016 and 2017”. At the Department of doctors of Sciences- 6, candidates of Sciences- 10, senior teachers- 7, teachers- 4.


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International communication

The teaching staff of the Department is in close cooperation with colleagues of the Institute of strategy and theory of education of the Russian Academy of education, the University of Lithuania conducts research and on the basis of memoranda publishes the results of the researches.

Lectures of invited professors on the academic mobility program with the participation of candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor of the Institute of strategy and theory of education of the RAE of the Russian Federation Natalia Nikolaevna Naidenova, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor of Vilnius University Rimantas Zhelvis were productive.

The lectures discussed international comparative research and testing methodology in different countries; development of the multiplex. N. N. Naidenova outlined the method of assessing the quality of education; development of control and measurement tools, reporting forms and presentation of results for the multiplex, measurement of competence and General functional literacy, building an individual trajectory of education.

The sphere of special interest in science-methodology of evaluation of test results and questionnaires; measurement standards in education and measurement standard; methodology of monitoring studies of integral type on objectivity and tools, alignment and scaling of test results; assessment of representativeness; construction of the design of a single multi-subject test; improving the measuring skills of the teacher; conducting classes on the theory and practice of pedagogical measurements; trends in the development of the world educational space; measurements in professional and profile education. Under the course, meetings were organized with teachers of Almaty schools Number 132 and 126, with whom agreements were signed on the organization and monitoring of the educational process as experimental bases. The Director of the gymnasium Number 132 in Almaty, B. Duanabaeva participated, she was one of the first who studies pedagogical measurements. In recent years, scientists of the Department participated with scientific reports at conferences, symposiums and congresses held in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Germany, China, Japan, Australia.

Our address: Almaty Halas, st. Aiteke bi, 99, the main building of the Kazakh State Pedagogical University, 202 cabinet.

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