About faculty

The department of special and social pedagogy In the Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical University (order from 11.09.2008 ) was formed department of “Special and Social Pedagogy” in 2008 for the purpose of more successful and targeted teaching of mental retardation personnel. In 2009 and 2010 were opened teaching areas 6M010500 – ” Special educator ” and 5B012300 – “Social pedagogy and self-knowledge” (bachelor’s degree). Currently, the department is preparing for the following specialties:

5B012300 – “Social pedagogy and self-knowledge” (bachelor’s degree) 5B010500 – ” Special educator ” (bachelor’s degree) 6M010500 – ” Special educator” (Master)

The department operates with in the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy is guided by the normative – legal documents: the “Law of Education”, “State educational standards of Kazakhstan”, “Law on the social health and educational support for children with disabilities”. Areas of teaching correspond to the classifier of the professional undergraduate and postgraduate education of RK. License series from 17.04.2009 AB number 0064057.

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Mission and strategy

Training of highly qualified and competitive personnel possessing instrumental, interpersonal, systemic and subject competencies capable of determining and assessing the needs and opportunities for rehabilitation, correction, training and education of children with special educational needs in terms of education, social protection, health.


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Pedagogical collective

The staff of the department consists 26 teachers, including 6 candidate of PhDs with the title of associate professors, 2 PhD doctors, assistant professors, and 16 master’s teaching or psychological sciences. In addition to the lectures attracted professionals with scientific achievements and publications by specialty profile, experienced practitioners, researchers and highly qualified foreign and Kazakh specialists.
The curriculum reflects the latest pedagogical, psychological science and practice in the field of special education and social meets the needs of the modern school of highly qualified specialists.


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Educational and Methodological Activity

Teachers of the department developed and published a number of books, textbooks, monographs, including those recommended by the Ministry of education and sciences RK, which are actively used by students, undergraduates, practitioners, they are called  “Neuropathology bases”, “Social pedagogy”, “Psychology in education: methods, technologies, practical works”, “Speech therapy practical work “,”Special school  labor activity education”, “Relationship psychology”, “Social psychology”, “The method of teaching kazakh language in special school”, “The bases defectology”, “Corectional work at the school for children with visual impairments ” etc.

In 2002 y.at the university was carried out experimental work on the implementation of the “Self-knowledge”.  In this project, the faculty staff  of senior teachers  collaborate  with the Institute for the Harmonious Development of  human  “Bobek” have been developed programs and methodical complexes on the course” Self-knowledge”. From 2002 to 2010, at the University worked  methodological center for implementation of the “Self knowledge” in the country’s universities.

   The result of this work was the inclusion to SCSE RK specialty group “Education” subject ” Self-knowledge”.

 According to the agreement of 15 July 2009 on the request of the State Enterprise “National Academy of Education.Y.Altynsarin”, the Ministry of Education and Science on the basis of the order “On the development of state educational standards”, №235 at the Department of Special and Social Pedagogy Kazgoszhenpu  were developed  SCSE   “Social pedagogy and self-knowledge”, bachelor, master, doctor.

On the basis of the department of “Special and social Pedagogy” in 2018, together with the Education department of Almaty, the Cabinet of psychological and pedagogical development was be opened, which allows to implement a practice-oriented approach in the training of special educators.

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