About faculty

The Department of Psychology was founded in 1973. In connection with the opening of the department, the question was raised about the selection of professional PPS chairs, therefore, graduates and specialists from leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan were invited. Before the opening of the Department of Psychology at the Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical University, psychology was taught by such scientists as K.R. Rakhimbekov, S.Musin, A.Kh.Temirbekov, and also academician T.Tzhizbaev. The department is engaged in the training of specialists in the direction of bachelor degree 5В010300 – Pedagogy and psychology, 5В050300 – Psychology, Master of Social Sciences, specialty 6М050300 – Psychology.


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Mission and strategy

The mission of the department is carried out by the formation and development of professionals of the Kazakh society in the field of psychology. The stability of this status is ensured, first of all, by the demand, the high evaluation of the professionalism of psychologists in the social space of the population of our country, the effectiveness and efficiency of the work of professional psychologists in any of the institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the popularity and recognition of valuable psychological discoveries in the framework of experimental scientific research in the global psychological community.


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Teaching Staff

The department has a highly qualified faculty, including holders of the badge “Honorary Officer of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, as well as holders of the state grant “The Best Teacher of the University.” Of these, 2 experienced doctors of science, 6 – Ph.D., associate professors, 6 – Candidates of Sciences, senior lecturers, 1-6 – Candidate of Science, acting. Associate Professor, 1 – PhD Doctor, 10 Master of Science, Senior Teachers, 2 Master of Science, Teachers, 3 – Senior Teachers, 18 – Teachers.


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The international cooperation

The main goal of the program for the development of the international activities of the department is to increase international cooperation to ensure competitiveness in the educational activities of the department, high professional education of the department and increase of international authority as a scientific center, to provide quality education that meets the requirements for science and education in the modern world.

The chair strengthens international relations with foreign higher educational institutions in order to strengthen international relations, exchanges experience, participates in conferences and seminars, strengthens the work of bilateral agreements, with the goal of integration into the world educational space.

The faculty has established contacts with such foreign countries as Russia (St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl). Annually teachers of the department take part in international conferences and symposiums held in Kazakhstan and abroad. Associate Professor, Ph.D. M.K. Bapaeva participated in the conference and read the report in Turkey. Scientific works of teachers of our faculty are published in foreign journals (Turkey, Czech Republic, USA, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Japan, Germany).

The faculty trains bachelors in the following specialties:


– 5В010300 – Pedagogy in Psychology;

– 5В050300 – Psychology;


– 6М050300 – Psychology;

Our address:

Almaty, Gogol, 161. Educational building № 2 of the Kazakh State Women’s State Pedagogical University, 313 cabinet.


Phone: +7 (727) 2536963