Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University provides a program of academic mobility which implies training and research activities of students and teachers in partner universities in Kazakhstan and abroad within the framework of the international agreements. 
Academic mobility programs are available for a limited period, usually a semester or academic year. All this time, participants attend classes at the partner institutions and spend a full-semester or one-year training course at the host university. 

The academic mobility is a moving of the trainees or teachers-researches for a certain academic period (including practice passing), as a rule, a semester or academic year, to other higher educational institution for training or carrying out researches,
with obligatory transfer and accumulation of credits.

Outbound academic mobility is the training of students in foreign universities, as well as the work of Research Instructors in foreign educational or scientific institutions.

The main goal of academic mobility is to ensure the quality of Kazakhstani higher education in accordance with world standards, increase its competitiveness.

Participation in mobility programs gives students a number of promising opportunities and advantages:

  • to gain invaluable international experience in the scientific and educational sphere;
  • expand professional knowledge and practical skills;
  • to receive useful linguistic practice;
  • acquire the experience of training and communication in an international cross-cultural group.

Rules for the submission of documents

  • Consult an expert in the International Office. Office 128, 1st floor, main educational building
  • Collect the package of necessary documents

List of documents

  • Application (2 copies);
  • Agreement (2 copies);
  • Current transcript (certified by the official stamp of the university);
  • Curriculum (certified by the official stamp of the university);
  • Certificates of IELTS, TOEFL, HSK, etc.;
  • Letter of recommendation (for master degree students).

Requirements for candidates

  1. An applying student must complete one semester (bachelor and master degree)
  2. To have an appropriate level of foreign language proficiency
  3. To have a GPA 3.0 and above