—–The Academic Council of the University is the body of the Council-Congress. The activity of the Academic Council of the University is based on the principles of transparency and collective discussion of issues within its competence.
The goal of the Academic Council is to consider the most important issues in the field of science for the successful implementation of the development strategy of the University.

– Formation of the strategy and concept of the University development.
– Consideration of the development of educational programs and establishing of faculties, departments, laboratories.
– Approval of the thematic plan of the editorial Board.
– Decision-making on all major issues of the organization of educational, research, international, financial, administrative and economic activities of the University.
– Listening to the report of deans of faculties, heads of structural divisions on educational, research, international, informative, financial and administrative activities.
– Approval of tuition fees for the new academic year (bachelor, master, doctoral and preparatory department).
– Submission of monographs.
– Approval of the chairmen of the State attestation Commission for bachelors, graduates, doctoral students.
– Approval of dissertation themes and supervisors of doctoral and master’s degrees of the University.
– Approval of the plan implementation of the University development Strategy.
– Approval of the working curriculum, academic calendars for the new academic year.
– Decision-making on transfer of students to educational grant and extracurricular education.
– Making a decision on awarding students a rector’s grant.
– Decision on the appointment of scholarships and nominal scholarships approved by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
– Submission of associate professors and professors.
– Providing the staff and creative staff of the University with state, government awards and honorary titles.
– To hear the reports of the holders of state grants “the Best teacher of the University”.