List of documents to be submitted by the Applicant:

Entrants submit to Admission committee the following documents attached to the application:

  1. application for admission to Admission committee;
  2. identity card (copy);
  3. document on General secondary, technical and vocational, post-secondary or higher education (original);
  4. 6 photographs of size 3 x 4 cm;
  5. medical certificate in form 086-U
  6. the certificate of UNT;
  7. extract from the statement (for entering on the educational programs of the higher education demanding special and (or) creative preparation including on areas of education “Pedagogical Sciences”);
  8. certificate of educational grant award (if any);


Persons who have documents on technical and vocational, post-secondary education, confirmed the qualification and have work experience in the specialty for at least one year, additionally submit one of the following documents:

1) employment record card;

2) the track record (the list of data on work, labor activity of the worker) signed by the employer, certified by the seal of the organization (in its presence);

3) archival certificate containing information about the employee’s work;

4) employment contract with a mark of the employer on the date and basis of its termination;

5) extracts from the acts of the employer confirming the emergence and termination of employment relations on the basis of the conclusion and termination of the employment contract;

6) extracts from the statements of salary payment to employees.