Main objectives:

  1. To develop and monitor the implementation of the strategic goals and objectives of the scientific-research work (SRW) of the university;
  2. To coordinate the scientific-research work of faculties, departments, scientific centers, laboratories, institutes of the university;
  3. To support faculties, scientific centers, laboratories, institutes on preparing applications for fundamental and applied scientific, scientific-technical projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and other ministries and organizations;
  4. To raise the awareness and increase competencies and skills of teaching staff and students in using international and Kazakhstan scientific-information databases (Web of Science, Scopus, Springerlink, Google Scholar, RSIC, etc.);
  5. To assist teaching staff and students in providing access to the international, foreign, Kazakhstani electronic information and scientific bibliographic databases, electronic journals in cooperation with the Scientific Library of the university;
  6. To publish the scientific journal “Bulletin of the Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University” (selection of articles, editing, reviewing, proofreading, work with authors, etc.);
  7. To assist teaching staff and students in preparing and participating in international, foreign, Kazakhstan scientific conferences, seminars, forums, competitions, contests;
  8. To organize innovative activity for teaching staff and students (start-up projects, a business incubator, commercialization of the results of scientific research, scientific and technical work);
  9. To consult teaching staff and students on the issues of scientific-research work on PhD program, scientific internships of PhD students, the invitation of PhD students’ foreign scientific consultants;
  10. To supervise the activities of the Institute for Social & Gender Research (coordination of the annual work plan and reports, an organization of scientific works, development of international relations, attraction of funding);
  11. To supervise the activities of the Scientific Library of the university;
  12. To supervise the activities of the Museum “Aktumar”;
  13. To supervise the activities of the Center for Complex Chemical and Biological Researches.