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The development of linguistic knowledge, skills and competencies of students for the possibility of competition in the educational, professional environment and successful communication in the modern multilingual community.

Strategic Vision

The Language centre is committed to educational activities that contribute to the formation of an educational and linguistic environment at the University, positive professional linguistic motivation and interest in foreign language communication, high-quality and effective language training in accordance with international educational standards.

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Training course

1. Teaching foreign languages ​​ from the Beginner to Advanced level:

– English

– Chinese

– Turkish

– French

– German

– Korea;

2. Intensive foreign language course;

3.  Preparation for English examinations of UNT unified national testing, CT complex testing (foreign language, Kazakh language, Russian language), international exams IELTS, TOEFL, HSK (Chinese);

4. English for corporate students;

5. Foreign languages ​​for outside listeners;

6. Kazakh and Russian for foreigners.

The benefits of our Center

1. Effective teaching methods

2. Reasonable prices

3. Speaking Club with a native speaker (free)

4. Business and friendly atmosphere

5. Personal approach

6. Flexible training schedule



Tel.: +7 (727) 237-01-13

int. 45-33

Gogol strееt 114, room 225