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Tel.: +7 (727) 237-01-13

int. 45-33

Gogol strееt 114, room 225




Welcome to Language Center!


As part of its activities, our Language Center offers the following educational services: 

1. Teaching foreign languages ​​ from the Beginner to Advanced level:

– English

– Chinese

– Turkish

– French

– German;

2. Intensive foreign language course;

3.  Preparation for English examinations of UNT unified national testing, CT complex testing (foreign language, Kazakh language, Russian language), international exams IELTS, TOEFL, HSK (Chinese);

4. English for corporate students;

5. Foreign languages ​​for outside listeners;

6. Kazakh and Russian for foreigners.


The benefits of our Center:

1. Definition of language level + trial lesson;

2. Effective teaching methods;

3. Business and friendly atmosphere;

4. Personal approach;

5. Groups (5-8 people).

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