Director of the Department for Academic Affairs

Kymbat Balazhanova

Tel.: +7(727) 377-33-13



The aim of the Department for Academic Affairs – improving the quality of the content of multilevel degree programs in University and control processes of learning.

Basic functions of the Department for Academic Affairs:

  • the organization and management of the educational process of Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University on the basis of the credit system of education;
  • constant improving of the learning process and quality of the educational services;
  • planning and coordination of the educational process organization;
  • development and improvement of degree programs of the university for all types of training;
  • development and approval of the schedule of the educational process and the academic calendar for each academic year, monitoring the compliance of the educational process with the academic calendar and the schedule of the educational process by the Academic Council;
  • making conditions for preparation of qualified bachelors, masters, and doctorate graduates, competitive not only in the domestic but also in the international labor market;
  • further increase the effectiveness of the cumulative point-rating knowledge control system (current, midterm, and final knowledge control);
  • introduction of the latest achievements in science, technology, and innovative technologies in the educational process;
  • improvement of the elective disciplines system;
  • planning and organization of the Educational and Methodical Council of the University;
  • control of the final state certification. Submission of summary information on the State Attestation Commission (SAC) in the MES of RK on undergraduate, graduate and doctorate studies;
  • correspondence with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other departments and organizations on academic issues;
  • coordination of the activities of faculties and departments that provide the implementation of State educational standards of higher education, coordination in the development of educational work plans and schedules of the educational process jointly with faculties;
  • control over the execution of the academic load of departments, control of faculties and departments for the organization of students educational, industrial, pedagogical and pre-diploma practices;
  • coordination and control of the educational process, preparation of reports on professional and pedagogical master`s program to the MES RK;
  • planning, coordination, and control of career guidance activities, attracting high-quality applicants and carrying out activities to improve the recognition of the University;
  • monitoring of the labor market and the signing of a number of agreements, contracts, memorandums of cooperation, for the passage of all types of practices and employment of graduates;
  • organization of educational, industrial, pre-diploma, pedagogical and research practice of students;
  • replenishment of the practice base with employing companies to meet the demand of the labor market.


The main activity of the Department for Academic Affairs implements according to the main principles of Bologna reforms and develops the main advantages in credit educational system:

  1. Ensuring academic mobility, provision of elective subjects, personal participation of each student in the formation of their individual curriculum;
  2. Development of a competence-based approach to training. Coordination of the development of curriculum for all programs of the university, their adjustment and updating in accordance with the requirements of quality assurance of the educational process, in the framework of the credit system of training, and the requests of employers.
  3. Full transparency of the educational process, the entire cumulative knowledge control system.
  4. Development of credit transfer system within universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and with foreign universities.
  5. Achievement of comparability and compatibility of diplomas and degrees, their recognition, ensuring international recognition of the diplomas of Kazakh State Women`s Teacher Training University.
  6. Development of joint international educational programs improving the three-cycle system of training “bachelor-master-doctorate”.
  7. The development of distance learning training with traditional forms