The main activities of the Department of the Educational Process:

– Control over the timely compilation and approval of the academic work of the faculties, the distribution and implementation of pedagogical assignments of the teaching staff, including the effective use of the hourly fund;

– control over the implementation of the educational process in accordance with the normative documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan on higher education, internal standards of the University, orders, instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– providing the educational process with all necessary documents;

– control and systematization of the report of the training load and the staff of the teaching staff;

– providing, organization of analytical and information activities of the University on the educational programs of the bachelor’s degree;

– check the schedule of classes according to the pedagogical load.


Department of Educational Process

Position  Full Name  Contact details, e-mail 
1 Head of division Ashkeyeva Nursharkhan Nesepbekovna 8 707 118 90 44

2 Methodist Omarova Jadyra Kadyrbekovna 8 771 454 25 74

3 Methodist Amalbekova Dinara Abilashimovna 8 747 436 94 38

4 Methodist Shoinbai Zhuldyz Dogdyrbekkyzy 8 775 497 61 90

5 Methodist Kartbaeva Klara Saatdinovna 8 707 171 57 53

6 Methodist Abayeva Moldir Bakytkalikyzy 8 701 451 16 00


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