Information about the department

The department of pre-university education and career is a structural subdivision of the Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical University. Its activity is aimed at coordinating the work and uniting the activities of various units on vocational guidance and pre-university training of entrants, ensuring the formation of a quality contingent of students, the professional practice of all students, promoting the employment of graduates and promoting positive image of the university in the market about educational services.


Currently, the Department of Pre-University Education and Career works in the following areas:

1. Organization of career guidance work by conducting agitation events about the university and its specialties among graduates of schools, colleges and lyceums;
2. Organization and control of all types of professional practice;
3. Assistance in the employment of university graduates;
4. Preparatory courses for applicants for admission to university;
5. Admission of students for additional education.


In order to organize vocational guidance work:

• carries out coordination, perspective and current planning of career guidance work and its implementation;
• interacts with educational institutions and local executive bodies;
• advises on the issues of professional self-determination of entrants;
• organizes “Open Doors Days”;
• creates booklets, information stands of the University;
• organizes and conducts the subject Olympiad “Y. Altynsarin “on an international scale for school leavers;
• visits educational institutions (schools, colleges and lyceum);
• works with mass media (radio, television, printed publication) on the popularization of the university as a whole; uses all forms of advertising, including the use of online mailings, social networks, etc.


In order to organize and control all types of professional practice:

• facilitates the organization of scientific, methodological and organizational management of all types of practice in the field;
• controls the drafting of contracts with schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, banks, district and rural administrations, research institutes in which trainee students are practicing;
• conducts coordination of academic calendars, a timetable for passing the practice according to specialties in accordance with the State Educational Standards, working curricula and academic calendars of specialties;
• together with the issuing departments provides practice diaries;
• participates in the setting and final conferences on practice;
• prepares orders for the university on the passage of practice;
• draw up statements on the payment of employees for pedagogical and industrial practice in the basic organizations;
• prepares orders to pay employees of institutions for the passage of students’ practice.


In order to promote the employment of university graduates:

• analyzes the needs of the labor market in university graduates;
• forms a database of enterprises-employers and their vacancies in the specialties of the university;
• organizes information and consulting support for university graduates on employment issues;
• maintains relations with centers for the promotion of youth employment and the employment of graduates of higher education institutions, employers ‘associations, graduates’ associations, youth public organizations, educational organizations and enterprises;
• ensures the strengthening of mutually beneficial university relations with employers;
• conducts image and entertaining activities of the university with the involvement of entrants; mass events: job fairs, days of career presentations of enterprises and organizations.


In order to improve the quality of future prospective students:
(Preparatory Course)

• organizes psychological guidance counseling;
• provides training for entrants through various types of preparatory courses;
• conducts testing and analysis of results in order to determine the level of knowledge of each student and identify gaps in the knowledge of applicants; Monitoring of the results of testing of all students during the school year;
• creates favorable conditions for raising and developing the level of knowledge of entrants, for motivating students and for interest in the learning process, and for increasing the effectiveness of training.


In order to receive students for additional education:

• upgrades the skills of workers, employees, specialists and students, taking into account the constant increase in the requirements imposed on them in connection with changes in technology and production;
• improves previously acquired professional knowledge, skills and habits;
• expands professional opportunities by obtaining additional entities in connection with changes in the structure of the labor market.


Quality objectives:

– Ensure the admission of 2000 entrants for the new academic year.
– Provide employment for 85% of university graduates in the first year after graduation.
– Provide employment for 80% of graduates of the university, trained by state order.
– Ensure employment of 100% of graduates of the university, trained by the rural quota.


Normative bases of activity:

• The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”;
• The State Program for the Development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020;
• Charter of the RSE for PHV “Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical University of Almaty”;
• Standard of the University “Regulations on structural subdivisions. General requirements”;
• Normative, organizational and administrative documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other higher organizations;
• Normative and administrative documents of Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical University in Almaty;
• Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Approving the Rules for awarding an educational grant” (No.58 of January 23, 2008)
• Rules for sending a specialist to work, granting the right to self-employment, exempting from the obligation or termination of the duty to work for citizens, from among the village (rural) youth who entered within the quota for training in pedagogical, medical and veterinary specialties, as well as citizens trained in based on the state educational order for pedagogical and medical specialties … (No. 390 of March 30, 2012).

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