Symposium call


(11-13 OCTOBER, 2018)

The national idea «Mangilik El» (Eternal country) of Kazakhstan in the XXI century of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev showed the whole world that our country is the heir of the ancestral homelands of the Eurasian Turks.

The new century began with a major political transformation in the Eurasian space, and the Turkic nations gained their independence.

This political change has led to the emergence of a new political geography of social, economic and cultural traditions.

The world of science has done many researches on these countries and many new scientific works were carried out.

The purpose of the 5th research symposium on the Turkic World, in the framework of the strategic program «The course towards future: modernization of public conscience», which will be held at the Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University is to bring scientists together doing research on Turkic world, to discuss the latest achievements in science, to consider topical issues of modern education and training of innovative teachers in the context of globalization create an opportunity to exchange their scientific views and pave the new paths for new researches.

Research Symposium on the Turkic World first was held in 2014 hosted by Niğde University, Turkey.     

II International Research Symposium on the Turkic World was held in 2015 hosted by Kazakh State Women`s Teacher Training University in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

III International Research Symposium on the Turkic World was held in Baku in 2016, organized by the Baku Eurasian University.

IV International Research Symposium on the Turkic World was held at the Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University in 2017.

V International Research Symposium on the Turkic World will focus on the topics which interest the Turkic World in the disciplines of language, pedagogy, literature, history, culture, the arts, international relations, economics, philosophy, sociology, gender studies and scientists will exchange of views on natural sciences. It is intended to prepare the ground for joint projects which will be held in the Turkic World in the future. The symposium aims at gathering the Turkic people, to strengthen their relationships and ensuring peace and tranquility in the world through cultural events.

We hope that the urgent problems of the Turkic world will be studied comprehensively. There will be an opportunity to exchange new scientific findings and ideas in the world of science.