Symposium application requirements


  1. The full text of the article is applied for the Symposium registration.
  2. The strict deadline for final submission August 30, 2018. Any papers submitted after this date will not be accepted
  3. The language of the symposium is Turkic languages, since articles in another language are not accepted.
  4. Papers should be prepared in accordance with the Writing Guidelines. An article that does not meet the requirements will not be accepted.
  5. The same author’s name can appear in a maximum of two papers.
  6. The author should fill in The Application Form and send it together with the full paper electronically.
  7. The full papers and the application forms should be sent to the following email address:
  8. Any issues or errors that occur when sending the paper are solely the responsibility of the author himself/ herself.
  9. Symposium participants will cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.
  10. Symposium Registration fee is $40 (forty US dollars) for each article (Those who want to join the trip under social program need to pay an extra $10 per person). Kazakhstan and foreign countries participants (except Turkey) are expected to pay a participation fee to Kazakh State Women`s Teacher Training University.
  11. Participants from Azerbaijan pay a participation fee to Baku Eurasian University and participants from Turkey and other countries send a participation fee to a bank account which is opened by the organizing Committee of the Ömer Halisdemir University. The detailed information about the registration fee payment will be announced at a later date on the Symposium website.
  12. Attendance certificates will not be despatched to default candidates.
  13. The corresponding author is responsible for the content of the article.