«Known scientists of University»: Ainagul Yershina

    • ALMATY. April 27. Press center – Ainagul Yershina doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor.

      Published over 100 scientific works of the scientist. From them 1 monograph, 1 textbook, 7 textbooks, 2 manuals and 4 patents for inventions.


      Labor in science


      Under the leadership of Ainagul Yershina prepared 2 candidates of science and 20 masters of Science. Research works carried out by his pupils were awarded diplomas and certificates at the university, national and international conferences.

      А. Yershina is a member of the dissertation council on natural sciences (PhD) at the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay, the National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, the committee on the use of renewable energy sources of the Russian Federation and the editorial board of several foreign scientific publications. The last 20 years the scientist worked as a scientific supervisor, the head of a number of grant projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the priority area "The use of alternative energy sources". Professor conducts state scientific and technical expertise of scientific and scientific-technical projects submitted under the grant funding competition of JSC "State National Center of Scientific and Technical Expertise". The scientific direction of the scientist is closely connected with environmental problems, reducing the level of greenhouse effects that cause global climate change. А. Yershina is a well-known scientist in the field of complex environmental mechanics, thermal physics and ecology. In 2011-2012 she took a scientific internship in the laboratory "Renewable Energy Sources" of Lomonosov Moscow State University in Moscow on an international scholarship "Bolashak".

      Since 1995, Ainagul Kapasovna has been engaged in research of wind power installations that convert wind energy into electrical energy. In her research works, she made her scientific contribution to the theoretical determination of the aerodynamic characteristics of wind turbines: blade torque, angular velocity, pipe power, wind energy utilization factor. As a result, a new improved design model of Darier wind turbine with a high coefficient of efficiency was proposed. The research results were included in the monograph "Fundamentals of the theory of the Darier wind turbine" and doctoral dissertation, published in 2001 on grant funds on the basis of the results of the open competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan on research work.




      Ainagul Yershina was born on October 30, 1950 in Shu district of Zhambyl region. In 1967 she graduated with honors from high school №308 in Shu town, in 1971 she graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Kazakh State Teacher Training Institute. After graduating from school on a special referral, she studied for two years at the Kazakh State University named after S.M.Kirov (now Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi) at the Faculty of Physics. After training, she worked as a lab assistant, senior lab assistant, junior research assistant in this educational institution, in 1979 she was accepted to graduate school of Kazakh State University. Since 1987 she was taken to the faculty of theoretical physics of Kazakh State Women Teacher Training Institute and since then works in this educational institution.

      In 1987 she successfully defended her master's thesis on "Thermophysics and molecular physics" on "The study of the effect of sound on the aerodynamics of turbulent gas", in 2001, her doctoral thesis on "mechanics of liquids, gases and plasma" on "Some aerodynamic problems of environmental monitoring in Kazakhstan”. A. Yershina in 1996 was awarded the academic rank of associate professor, in 2008 - professor.

      Today the scientist gives lectures to students and graduate students in Russian and Kazakh on general and theoretical physics, special courses, physics of uniform medium, mechanical installations, flow theory, topical problems of modern physics, organization and planning of scientific research, thermophysics, alternative energy sources, etc.

      Many years of scientific and pedagogical work of Ainagul Kapasovna, combining scientific work with teaching activities, is evaluated at the appropriate level. In particular, she was awarded the diploma of quality and a gold medal of Europe for the high quality of professional activity of the scientific and production chamber of Europe, the Certificate of Merit of the Committee on the use of renewable energy sources of the Russian Federation for scientific research in the field of wind energy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also the scientist K.I. is awarded by a breastplate "For merits in development of a science of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and by the silver medal "Ulagat" of the Kazakh State Teacher Training Institute. She is the owner of the title of "The best teacher of the university", the scholarship of the President of the RK under the program "Bolashak".

      Ainagul Yershina is an academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, corresponding member of Concord International Academy. During her career, Professor Yershina makes a significant contribution to the education of the younger generation in the scientific and pedagogical direction. Students of the scientist, who was engaged in science all his life, work worthily for the benefit of our country.

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