«Know your university!»: «Aqtumar» museum

    • «Know your university!»: «Aqtumar» museum

      ALMATY. July 12. Press-Center – Historical and ethnographic museum «Aqtumar» of the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University was established in November 2002.

      The museum's collection includes exhibits and rare photographs from the opening of the university.

      In particular, there is information about the formation and development of the Women's University, the work of statesmen and public figures, rectors, glorious graduates of the university.

      The exposition of the fund also reflects the role of the Kazakh woman in the formation of the Kazakh state – its life from ancient times to modern times.

      The museum consists of sections: «Motherhood is a gift to the country», «History of the University», «Women's World» ethno-collection», «Women's creativity» and «The role of women in society».

      In accordance with the state program "Cultural Heritage", the complex serves to instill in students the qualities of respect for the history, language and history of the multinational Kazakhstan through traditional, cultural and spiritual values.

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