The rector of the University received the second component of the vaccine

    • The rector of the University received the second component of the vaccine

      ALMATY. July 14. Press-Center – Chairman of the Management Board – Rector of Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University Gulmira Qanay received the second component of «Sputnik-V»  vaccine.

      – I have received the second dose of vaccination. There is no side effects. Getting a vaccine is the only way to protect yourself, your colleagues, and your loved ones. I think that only by instilling and forming collective immunity, the citizens of Kazakhstan will be able to defeat the coronavirus, – said the rector of the University.

      Gulmira Amirkhanovna believes that for the health of students and the staff of the educational institution, we should all receive vaccinations. At the same time, the University staff should feel responsible and properly use the opportunities provided by the state.

      According to official data, 88 percent of girls have received the first or second dose of the vaccine so far.

      Besides, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus Women's University conducts special drawings of paid courses in English among students, faculty, and staff who have received vaccinations.

      Those who received the vaccine in the period from June to July of this year can take part in the draw. 3 students, 3 teachers, and 3 employees from among the participants will receive special monthly certificates.

      The names of the winners will be determined, and their results will be announced in July.

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