Anti-corruption policy

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      Yerkyn Zhumankulova

      Ethics Commissioner of Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University, Vice-rector for Educational and Methodical Work of KNWTTU

      Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University creates all the necessary conditions for full-fledged higher and postgraduate education. Our university is committed to the complete elimination of corruption and zero tolerance for all its manifestations in all areas of its activities, as well as strict observance and cultivation of academic integrity.

      You should know that:

      - if you are faced with an injustice in the learning process;

      - if you see violations of corporate ethics;

      - if you do not receive proper attention when contacting with teachers or university leaders, you can contact directly with questions on the blog or come to an appointment with the Ethics Commissioner. University's Ethics Board guarantees fair consideration of your concerns.


      Reception days daily until 18.00.

      Aiteke bi street, 99, Main educational building, 117-room

      Office phone number: +7 (727) 237-00-12

      Cell phone number: +77088394688

      The connection between the management of the university and students at the university is carried out by:

      rector's blog
      call center
      official email address

      Rector's blog is on the main website of the university.

      The process of asking a question to the Rector's blog:

      • You need to press the button “Rector's blog” on the main page of the University website in the “About us” section.
      • After appearing a window you should fill in a form with personal information (e-mail, name, phone number for feedback) and the ability to ask a question.
      • Send the form and wait for a response.

      The main site contains the number of the call-center of the university.

      The official email address of the University: 

       Anti-corruption standard

       Academic Integrity Code

       Anti-corruption plan for 2020-2021