ALMATY. March 27. Media_Ortalyq – The professor of the Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University, Doctor of Engineering Sciences Azhimukan Zhamalov and Master of Physical Sciences Murat Kunelbayev created a microhydroelectric power station.

This small unit can generate electricity from water. According to the authors of the project, a small hydropower plant can be used in any part of our country. The peculiarity of the device is that it costs cheap, and the water pressure is low, depending on the principle of the generator.

– Its weight and shape are ideal for use. The device can be copied and installed by four people. It has a new generator that can rotate the double blade in opposite directions. With the opposite rotation, the frequency increases. In the course of the so-called “counterweight”, water, pushed by the acceleration of the blades, gives a certain amount of electricity, ” – said M.Kunelbaev.

To produce energy, water should fall from a height of 1.5-2 meters. Because of the oppositely rotating blades, the efficiency factor of micro hydropower plants increases by 20-30%. If you increase the service life of the installation and if you put a powerful generator, then you can generate more electrical energy.

– We added to this the rotor. The blades become evenly opposite to each other. As a result, an electromagnetic field appears in the launch. It goes to the packaging and there is electricity. A station without electricity will still be suitable for running water. This facility is an indispensable tool for the agrarian sector, remote regions, ” – said Azhimukan Zhamalov , the project’s scientific director.

Even military units can be equipped with a microhydroelectric power station. A unit of such equipment that produces 1.5 kilowatts a day costs 700’000 tenge.

– You can say that it is cheap and expensive. For example, these plants are produced in the CIS countries, the USA, Russia and China. However, our device is much more affordable in terms of price and quality, – say scientists.

With a small station you can light a whole neighborhood. Thus, a 500 kilogram hydrogenerator with a powerful generator produces 15-20 kilowatts. It is capable of supplying three-story 2-3 houses with electricity. The inventors also plan to install wind turbines. A patent was received for the transfer of technology from a single energy source. The scientists presented art at a successful international conference and said that as a result, a number of foreign investors intend to establish partnership relations. After all, it’s more useful than the analogs of this setup. Longer service life, high performance ratio.


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