1. The Ministry of Foreign Economy and Foreign Affairs invites foreigners interested in Hungarian, whose native language is not Hungarian, for a 10-month comprehensive study of the Hungarian language and hungorology.

The Ministry of Hungary provides grants under the conditions specified below.

The scholarship is intended for foreign citizens who have reached the age of 18 but are not older than 35 years who are interested in Hungarian, Hungarian culture and conduct scientific research in this field.

A scholarship is about 55,000 KZT per month includes course cost, the costs of study materials and accommodation, that near the campus where the training will take place. They are planning to admit 40 students.

For more information, please download PDF or contact the International Office, room 128.

2. The International Office informs that the Abai-Vern program provides grants to universities in France:

1. 100 places, of which 90 for 2nd year graduate students, 10 for doctoral students.

2. Duration of study: for graduates – 10 months from September 2018 to June 2019; for doctoral students – from September 2018 to February 2019.

3. Free education + France provide social benefits. Kazakhstan’s side pays for accommodation expenses at the rate of 800 euros per month for graduates and 1200 euros per month for doctoral students. Other expenses are incurred from the student’s own funds.

4. Required documents:

– Letter of invitation from a French university;

– motivation letter;

– 2 CVs (1 in French or English and 1 in Kazakh or Russian);

– copy of the passport;

– notarized copies of diplomas with supplements;

– certificates confirming the knowledge of a foreign language (French not lower than B1, English is not lower than B2);

– for doctoral students proposal for 2 pages with the opinion of the supervisor, bank details.

5. Priority is given to applicants who have received education in Kazakh-French programs and have partner relations with French universities.

6. The deadline for submitting documents is 10 June.

For more information click here http://www.culturefrance.kz/Usloviya-uchastiya-v-programme-mobil-nosti-Abaj-Vern or  please contact with the International Office, room 128.

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