Aim:To educate judicious girls who have modern principles, but at the same time adhere to national customs, traditions and culture based on social and civic development in the modern social sphere.



–   to support and develop student`s  self-governing administration;

–   to organize the leisure time for students of the University and involve them in cultural events;

–   to organize, control and regulate the social and educational issues, to manage general social projects at the faculties;

–   to educate patriotic, spiritual and human sense on the basis of social and civil development;

–  to organize the works for social maintenance of students (students from socially vulnerable groups of students, orphans, students from large families);

–  to improve and develop  talents, to form  important qualities and communicative skills of students.


The Department of educational and social affairs includes the following branches:

–  the branch of  social and educational work and youth policy;

– the branch  for coordinating  dormitories.