Creative department

General information

The creative Department consists of the following structures::
– Ethno-folklore ensemble “Ular”
– Vocal and instrumental ensemble “Aigul”
– Dance ensemble “Tomiris”.
The main tasks of the creative Department
1. The creative Department is the center of new competitive ideas and creative searches among the universities functioning for the image of the University.
One of the leading directions of development of higher education, which has a high level of modern higher education institutions and dynamic creative development of the University:
– Promotes actively the work of creative teams, University events.
– Provides Assembly hall, stage costumes, professional and high-quality musical
equipment at University events.

2. The promotion of the work of creative teams:
– Provision of services of creative teams operating on the basis of the University- ethno-folklore ensemble “Ular”, vocal and instrumental ensemble “Aigul”, dance ensemble “Tomiris”, KVN team “Tek kana kyzdar” to the events of the University, city, state.
Creation of a system of events for the organization of concert and theatrical events at the University level.
– Strengthening of cultural ties between institutions of higher education in the field of culture and art. Development of the program of creative interaction with educational institutions of the near and far abroad.
– Development of relations between universities and secondary specialized educational institutions under the cooperation agreement. Organization of foreign tours of creative teams of the University. Organization of regional, World, international competitions and festivals, master classes for students and teachers to promote the University.