Temporary storage of documents of the National archival Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Trainig University and practical value – the end of examination of documents, papers, accounting, use, in order to prepare for delivery to the state storage in the archival sector.
In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On National archive Fund and archives” the documents are formed in activity of “Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University” having special historical, scientific, social, economic, political or cultural importance are an integral part of the historical and cultural heritage of the people, and are protected by the state as national heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
– The Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University on the documents produced during the activity, provides the account and storage, the analysis, use of documents, ordering, in due time carries out transfer for permanent storage in the Central state archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
– In the course of its work, the archive sector is guided by legislative and normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of archival affairs, orders, ordinances, decrees of the rector of the University, and regulatory methodological documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan and local representative bodies at the National archives documentation archives, and the Department of the Kazakh State Women's Teacher Training University and these regulations.
– Expert and audit Commission of the Central state archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan annual list of permanent storage and personnel for consideration by the expert Commission records, prepares and presents at least two years after the end of the sections.
– Keeps records and ensures the complete safety of the files taken into custody.
– Documents stored in the archive of the scientific reference apparatus, creates, updates and improves the scientific reference apparatus of state archival institutions, ensures succession. Introduces the content of documents and archival storage of documents of the organization, managers and employees, providing information in the section.
– Issue of documents for work in the Department of storage and archival data, for the purpose of use in accordance with the established procedure of affairs, documents and copies of documents. – Performs appeals of a social and legal nature requests from organizations and citizens on the establishment of work experience and employment, considers other issues,
– Participates in activities to improve the professional skills of office work and archival activities.
– Under the established form in accordance with the state institution gives information on the composition and volume of documents once every three years.
– Prepares and performs under the approved sample documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan National archival Fund for state institution, and documents stored in the Department of archival documents, keeps records and reporting on the use for data storage, in the prescribed manner of cases, documents and copies of documents.

– Carry out an expertise of valuable documents stored in archives.