The medical center of Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University

The medical center of Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University is organized to deliver medical support to students.

The medical center is a structural subdivision of the university, it is guided by normative documents in accordance with the obtained licenses for delivering medical support:

– current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

– normative documents of the university

– the university charter and the internal regulations

 Organization of the medical unit:

– The medical center is located on the territory of the university on the 1st floor of the student’s  dormitory №4 by the address: Gogol street 114·       

– Working hours: from 9:00 to 18:30,  break time:  13: 00-14: 00·       

– Telephone number of Medical center: +7 727 279 96 19·       

Unitary Enterprise based on the Right of Economic Management . The city polyclinic №30 is located by the address: Zhibek zholy avenue, 128.

Telephone number: +7 (727) 279 39 16, +7 (727) 279 01 58, +7 (727) 279 68 78


Medical staff:

– Therapist·

– Gynecologist·

– Nurse 

There are rooms for medical procedures: 

– Therapeutic

– Dental

– Gynecological

– Procedural

– Isolation section


The functions of the medical center:

– to provide medical assistance to students and employees in sudden diseases;

– to refer the patients to specialized doctors of polyclinics and  hospitals in necessary cases;

–  to organize, conduct and monitor prophylactic and health work aimed at preserving and strengthening the health of students: medical examinations, vaccination, fluorography examinations, etc.

– carry out sanitary-hygienic and educational work contributing to the formation of healthy life style among students.

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