Curriculum and Instruction Department is a structural subdivision of the University, which is part of the Department of Academic Affairs.

The main tasks of the Department:

  • control of implementation and improvement of the requirements of mandatory State Educational Standards, standard curricula and programs of the Republic of Kazakhstan; §  control of educational and methodological providing of educational activities by specialties;
  • organization and coordination of methodical work of structural divisions of the University (faculties, departments) in accordance with the credit technology of training;
  • counseling the teaching staff on Educational and Methodological (curricular) issues;
  • organization of the provision of specialty on normative and methodological documents at all levels of higher professional education;§  organization of specialties in normative and methodological documents for all levels of higher professional education (State Compulsory Educational Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, typical Programs of Study, Education Programs, Academic calendar, curriculum);
  • organization of work on the improvement of the Classificatory of specialties of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • work to strengthen and develop the educational and methodological base;
  • participate in the organization of conferences, seminars on topical issues of education.